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Reading Time Hidden Clinton emails do exist as many of us have insisted in the last several months. When the story first broke in the New York Times on March 2, 2015 that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email account, hosted on a secret email server owned and controlled by the Clintons, the reason was immediately obvious. Hillary Clinton used a personal email account so that she and she alone, and not a government agency subject to Freedom of Information Act disclosures, would maintain control of her emails. On March 4, 2015 Intelligent US Politics reported that the growing…


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Conservative news blog offers readers US political news articles, reports, commentary and editorials by syndicated political writers and guest bloggers, delivered without a shred of mainstream media bias. Written primarily by Scott Schaefer, Intelligent US Politics is the culmination of several conservative news blogs published by Schaefer beginning in 2009.

In those early days, we wanted to develop a conservative news blog and we started from scratch with no real roadmap. We have since found our articles syndicated on more than 36,000 websites, translated into 8 languages, were listed as one of the top 100 political blogs by Technorati, and were recognized as a top conservative news blog in America by Top Political Sites. We have also begun publishing the American Politics Wiki as an online encyclopedia of American politics.