2016 Election Candidates

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2016 Presidential Candidates

2016 Presidential Election Candidates Trump Clinton

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a New York real estate developer and businessman who has never held elected office. Trump's attitude, demeanor, policies and methods all scream political outsider, which seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered for Trump's supporters.

Hillary Clinton

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a career politician from Illinois, Arkansas and New York who epitomizes the term political insider with a political career approaching 40 years.
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2016 Presidential Election

Inevitably, in every presidential election cycle – at least all presidential elections of the last half century – we are told that this election is different, it's important, this one somehow matters more. That's right to a minor degree, but rarely is that really the case. That being said, the 2016 Presidential Election is more consequential than any have been since 1980. In many ways the elections of 2016 and 1980 have a great many striking similarities.