ACLU Sues Kansas To Block Voter ID Law

The American Civil Liberties Union, commonly known as the ACLU, has sued the State of Kansas to block the state from enforcing their Voter ID Law in the 2016 presidential election. The ACLU says it was compelled to act because the Kansas law requires proof of citizenship to register to vote, which they claim violates the 1993 Motor Voter Act, a law passed during the Clinton administration that allows citizens to register at motor vehicle departments, presumably when they are getting a driver’s license.

The Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration, is one of many voter ID laws recently passed by state legislatures across the country. In fact, 34 states have enacted voter ID laws. But the ACLU alleges that Kansas is different and goes beyond what is required by federal law. It’s shocking that Kansas only wants citizens to vote, just shocking.

However, District of Columbia federal district court Judge Richard Leon issued an order slapping down an attempt by liberal groups and the Justice Department to get an injunction to halt the application of new laws in several states requiring proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote, including Kansas.

The ACLU has cleverly timed this litigation to insure the case cannot be heard or adjudicated in time for the 2016 presidential election. Seems hokey and it is. The ACLU believes the suit will ultimately be unsuccessful, so they don’t want the case to be concluded before the election. It is a nuisance lawsuit. They simply want the lawsuit on file so they have standing to ask a federal judge to issue a temporary injunction that will prevent Kansas from enforcing the voter ID law in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. They will claim that thousands of people in Kansas will be disenfranchised if the law is enforced and they only want a temporary injunction until the lawsuit is concluded in late 2017.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that sounds reasonable. It’s not. The Kansas voter ID law was passed in 2011, five years ago, and was first enacted in 2013, three years ago. Because its 2011 passage and 2013 enactment, the law straddled the 2012 election. Thus it has not been in place for a presidential election. This is precisely what the ACLU is trying to forestall, so they can help the democrats steal just one more election.

Though the ACLU has claimed that as many as 22,000 people have been unable to register to vote in Kansas, that is not entirely consistent with the facts. The Kansas law has been in operation for three years – through two special elections and the 2014 midterm election. Even with that much exposure, the ACLU has only managed to find 6 people who claim the law prevented them from voting, and they are just unsubstantiated claims.

But, as a trusted voter fraud partner with the democrats, the ACLU will do or say anything, no matter how outrageous, to combat voter ID laws. Similar claims against similar voter ID laws in similar lawsuits in other states have been grossly exaggerated by the ACLU. Their efforts to halt voter ID laws are proving to be largely unsuccessful, because voter ID laws just haven’t caused the widespread voter suppression democrats have promised.

Nonetheless, the ACLU, the democrat party and the Clinton campaign are outraged that the State of Kansas wants to keep anyone but citizens from voting. In fact, it’s so outrageous, it must be unconstitutional or racist or fascist or something else equally heinous.

Democrats Can’t Function In Environment Of Voter ID Laws

Voter ID laws are like kryptonite to democrats. The same way Superman was weak and unable to function in an environment of kryptonite, democrats are weak and unable to function in an environment of voter ID laws. Since Barack Obama was swept into office in 2008, thirty states have enacted voter ID laws.  and they seem to be having an effect.

Through the presidential primaries so far, Republican voter turnout is crushing Democrat voter turnout. When compared to 2008, Republican turnout is up 62 percent, while democrat turnout is down 30 percent. Turnout numbers like this have democrats more than a little worried.

What might be even worse news for democrats is that the most severe declines in democrat turnout have come in states with new voter ID laws. This has democrats even more worried, which is why democrats are preparing massive voter fraud efforts.

What will happen when democrats lose top-to-bottom at the polls in 2016 in all the states that have enacted voter ID laws? Will it occur to anyone that the reason democrats are suddenly losing is because they’ve been stealing elections for the last 50 years?

ACLU Sues Kansas To Block Voter ID Law

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