Americans Do Not Trust Mainstream Media


Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Do Not Trust Mainstream Media

Americans do not trust mainstream media, by a very wide margin. According to a new national poll by Rasmussen Reports, it’s an overwhelming majority, as 61% of Americans do not trust mainstream media. In particular likely voters don’t believe the political news they are getting.

That Americans do not trust mainstream media because they deliver political news with a decidedly liberal media bias is, in and of itself, remarkable. They are finally catching on. More remarkable still, is how fast the number of Americans who don’t trust mainstream media is growing. As recently as October 2014, the last time it was polled, only 45% of Americans didn’t trust the liberal media. In just seven months since, there has been a 16 point increase in voters who distrust the liberal media.

Growing Number Of Americans Do Not Trust Mainstream Media

Polling internals may explain the rapid change, so we looked deeper into the numbers. On the flip side of the equation, the polling reveals that only 21% of Americans still trust the liberal media, against 61% who do not. An overwhelming margin of three to one against the liberal media. Not surprisingly, those that still trust the liberal media are largely the same people who believe they can keep their health plan.

Almost as dramatic is the decline in the number of Americans who still trust the mainstream media, which now hovers around 21%. In October 2014 that number stood at 33%. The ranks of those who trust the liberal media have eroded by more than one-third in the last seven months.

The national survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on May 17-18, 2015 by Rasmussen Reports. Rasmussen Reports is arguably the most accurate and trusted of all American political polling firms. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percent with a 95% level of confidence. Click to read survey question wording.

Why The Sudden Decline In Trusting Media?

While we don’t know precisely all the reasons behind the dramatic decline in trust, Rasmussen Reports says that it is partly due to the recent revelations that top ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos deceived Americans by failing to disclose his continuing relationship with the Clintons and his substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation.

I believe the reasons are much more widespread than just Stephanopoulos providing cover for the Clintons. For example, Americans are starting to notice the almost daily news evidencing Clinton corruption that simply isn’t being covered by the mainstream media. Everyone knows that Hillary lied about her reason for having a private email server while Secretary of State; that she lied about carrying two smart phones, that she lied about the reasons she deleted tens of thousands of emails, etc.

With so much evidence of Hillary’s political corruption, Americans are starting to believe the mainstream media should investigate the Clintons more thoroughly. Far from investigating, the mainstream media is providing cover for Hillary instead.

For as long as the mainstream media coddles Hillary, rather than honestly vetting her candidacy, more voters will continue to doubt the accuracy of political news coverage and more firmly embrace their belief that reporters will slant their coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hillary Expected To Benefit Most From Mainstream Media Bias

While an overwhelming majority Americans do not trust the liberal media for political news, only 23% believe the media will offer honest, unbiased coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. Fifty-nine percent (59%) think the coverage will be slanted. By a margin of 36% to 23%, Americans think reporters will try to help Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House. Men are more likely than women to think reporters will try to help Clinton, although neither expects the coverage to be unbiased.

Forty-six percent (46%) of voters now think ABC News should ban Stephanopoulos, a former high level Clinton administration official, from any programming related to the presidential campaign since Hillary Clinton is running for president. Not a bad idea since he’s already been hiding his ties. Thirty-four percent (34%) say they are less likely to believe the reporting on ABC News as a whole because Stephanopoulos failed to disclose ties and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Additional Poll Findings

  • Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters think media bias is a bigger problem in politics today than big campaign contributions.
  • Majorities of voters across most demographic groups do not trust the political news they are getting.
  • Voters under 40 are slightly more trusting of the political news they get than their elders are.
  • Republicans and independents are more skeptical of political news coverage than Democrats are.
  • Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to think the media will offer unbiased coverage. They’re also four times as likely to believe the check’s in the mail.
  • Fifty-five percent (55%) of Republicans think Clinton will benefit from favorable media coverage, but just 17% of Democrats and 39% of unaffiliated voters agree.
  • Thirty-five percent (35%) of Democrats think most reporters will try to hurt her campaign, a view shared by only 13% of Republicans and 20% of unaffiliated voters.
  • Forty-two percent (42%) of voters who don’t trust the political news they are getting think most reporters will try to help Clinton; just 14% believe the media’s coverage of the 2016 race will be unbiased.
  • Among those who do trust political news coverage, 38% say most reporters will try to stay neutral, but nearly as many (35%) think they will try to help the Democratic front runner.
  • Stephanopoulos has been forced to step down as a moderator for one of the upcoming debates by Republican presidential hopefuls.
  • Voters have long believed that journalists who serve as debate moderators show bias in their questioning.
  • Voters still turn to TV over the Internet when it comes to political news, but the gap is narrowing.
  • Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Americans believe the average media reporter is more liberal than they are.
  • Eighteen percent (18%) consider that reporter more conservative than they are.
  • A year ago, 69% said the news reported by the media is at least somewhat trustworthy. That number is now 21%.

Americans Do Not Trust Mainstream Media

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