Army Reverses Discharge Of Sgt Charles Martland


In an article I wrote in October, It’s Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army, I detailed how Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, a decorated Green Beret, was being involuntarily discharged from the Army for shoving a corrupt Afghan police official who was repeatedly raping a 12 year old boy on a US military base in Afghanistan.

Army Reverses Discharge Of Sgt Charles Martland

The army’s plan to discharge Sgt 1st Class Martland was all but done until Martland enlisted the help of California Congressman Duncan Hunter, who is no stranger to helping American service personnel. It seems whenever American service personnel are wronged or harmed in Obama’s military, Duncan Hunter is the one member of congress that is always willing to help. Congressman Hunter intervened and the army reverses discharge of Sgt Charles Martland.

“I am real thankful for being able to continue to serve,” Martland told Fox News on the telephone.  “I appreciate everything Congressman Duncan Hunter and his Chief of Staff, Joe Kasper did for me.”

Martland and his team leader were removed from the base, and eventually sent home from Afghanistan, after confronting the Muslim rapist. The Army subsequently issued a memorandum of reprimand that criticized Martland for his intervention after the alleged rape.

The Obama Administration had adopted a policy that forced US military personnel to look the other way in cases of rape, because the Administration considered it cultural. Until Duncan Hunter’s intervention, Martland’s involuntary discharge was a done deal. But, on Thursday, an Army spokesman said Martland’s status had been changed, allowing him to stay in the Army.

“In SFC Martland’s case, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records determination modified a portion of one of SFC Martland’s evaluation reports and removed him from the QMP list, which will allow him to remain in the Army,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk.

Martland’s former Special Forces team leader who was with Martland at the time of the incident said the Army is a better place with Martland in its ranks.

“This is not just a great victory for SFC Martland and his family. I’m just as happy that he can continue to serve our country and inspire his peers, subordinates and officers to be better soldiers.  Charles makes every soldier he comes in contact with better and the Army is undoubtedly a better organization with SFC Martland still in its ranks,” said Martland’s former team leader Danny Quinn. Quinn, who is a 2003 graduate of West Point, is now out of the Army and living in New York.

The American Center for Law and Justice also became involved in the campaign to keep Martland in the Army. “The decision by the Army to retain this hero is long overdue and represents a significant victory for SFC Martland,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice.  “Justice has been served. The US military has a moral obligation to stop child sexual abuse and exonerate SFC Martland for defending a child from rape. The Army finally took the corrective action needed and this is not only a victory for SFC Martland, but for the American people as well.”

“The Army did the right thing and we won — the American people, won,” said Congressman Duncan Hunter, himself a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Martland is who we want out there.”

And justice was finally done in the Army. At least for now.

Army Reverses Discharge Of Sgt Charles Martland

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