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Benghazi Cover Up Video Truth Behind The Smokescreen

Benghazi Cover Up Video

September 11th 2012 that night US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans perished.

The political and bureaucratic smokescreen that followed made Benghazi not just a tragedy but a massive political cover up designed to protect Barack Obama during his bid for re-election.

Did Barack Obama try to cover up what happened that night? A recent Fox poll found more than seven in 10 American voters want congress to continue investigating.

At the peak of Obama’s reelection campaign this Coptic Christian and his film became part of a smokescreen that obscure the truth about what happened in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. One of the principal unanswered questions is where did the story about the Mohammed video come from?

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Hillary Clinton Is The Butcher Of Benghazi


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