Climate Change Scientists Trapped In Ice Again

About two years ago, a boatload of climate change scientists headed to Antarctica to conduct global warming research. They did not complete their task. These climate scientists expected to find evidence that the sea ice was melting at a very rapid pace. We don’t know if there was evidence to support their global warming theories, because the Antarctic sea ice was growing, not melting, and the climate alarmists got themselves and their boat thoroughly stranded in ice.

There couldn’t possibly have been a more fitting outcome. As scientists, they should be honest, they should objectively analyze data and they should follow the information wherever it leads. Most climate scientists cannot be held to that standard and neither could these. Their liberal dogma led them to believe the ice was rapidly melting, without any evidence to support it. Liberalism interferes with the scientific process and, as a result, they ended up stranded in the very ice they believed would be gone.

Fast forward two years to February 2016. A different boatload of climate change scientists travelled to Antarctica and, like the previous expedition was unable to complete their research because, like the previous expedition, they got themselves stranded in the growing Antarctic sea ice. Charged with a slightly different mission, this group of global warming activists found more ice than they anticipated. You couldn’t script a better result. Even armed with full knowledge of the last expedition, this crowd of scientists made the very same mistake.

Liberal Dogma Interferes With Scientific Examination

The fact of the matter is that both expeditions went to Antarctica to prove that global warming was melting the Antarctic ice shelf, and the rapid melting was going to cause sea levels to rise, thus fulfilling the core belief of all climate change activists. Again, liberal dogma prevents honest examination of the data. They could believe the Antarctic ice is melting until they’re blue in the face, that doesn’t make it so.

Antarctic sea ice is not melting and shrinking. It is growing and has grown for the entirety of the 37 years that it has been measured. Liberal dogma and belief in global warming cannot change that. Believing that it is melting, with no evidence that supports that, will get a boatload of climate change scientists trapped in ice again.

Climate Change Scientists Trapped In Ice Again

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