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  • Obama Doctrine of Weakness Video

    Obama Doctrine Of Weakness Video

    Guesswork foreign policy and the Obama Doctrine of Weakness are causing America the exceptional to become America the incompetent. The Obama Doctrine of weakness and the incompetence of the Obama Administration is featured by Liz Trotta in this video commentary highlighting liberal incompetence and Obama …

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  • Obama Lied About ObamaCare Cost

    Obama Claims ObamaCare Cost Less Than Cell Phone

    Obama Lies About ObamaCare Cost President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center Saturday night. While extolling the benefits of ObamaCare less than 10 days before the opening of the new health …

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  • Change You Can Believe In Video Analysis

    Barack Obama was elected President of the United States more than four years ago, in November 2008. The successful 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was masterfully executed and masterfully deceptive. The central premise of the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was Change You Can Believe In. The …

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  • Democratic Election Worker Pleads Guilty To Fraud

    Democratic Campaign Worker Forged Petition Signatures That Placed Obama On 2008 is reporting that a Democratic election worker who was active in securing signatures that got Barack Obama on the ballot in Indiana has pleaded guilty to forging signatures. One of four people accused …

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  • Democratic Claim Obama Created 4.5 Million New Jobs Another Obama Lie

    Over and over, last week at the Democratic National Convention we heard that Barack Obama had created 4.5 million new jobs in the private sector. Convention speakers from Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden, and everyone in between, chanted the 4.5 million new jobs mantra. Wow, …

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  • National Debt Skyrockets While Obama Fiddles

    National debt is skyrocketing while Obama fiddles, just as Nero did while Rome burned. Obama continues offering only false rhetoric and political doublespeak, while our national debt burns further and further into uncharted territory. Relying on tired rallying cries of hope and change, Obama’s rhetoric promises …

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  • Union Boss Threatens Obama and Democrats. Do More For Unions Or Else

    Union boss Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO already feels like he bought this President, along with most of the Democrats in the House and Senate.  He is also keenly aware that Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party expect him, and his …

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  • Obamas Hosts Rapper/Poet Who Has Advocated Killing Cops

    This week Barack and Michelle Obama hosted rapper and actor Common at a poetry event at the White House amid backlash over some of his lyrics that critics say promote violence.  The White House defended the invitation, which was sent by first lady Michelle Obama, …

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  • Activist Judge Blocks Immigration Law In Utah

    A federal activist judge issued a stay blocking a new Utah immigration law on Tuesday. The new immigration law would have allowed police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest.  Citing similarities to the most controversial parts of an Arizona immigration law that seems bound …

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  • Obama Claims US Border Is More Secure Than Ever

    Fresh off of his victory lap from the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama hit the road Tuesday visiting El Paso, Texas on his first trip to the US-Mexico border since taking office.  In what was clearly a campaign speech, Obama claimed Tuesday that …

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