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  • Obama Lied About ObamaCare – You Can’t Keep Your Doctor

    The next Obama lie about ObamaCare is starting to become more widely known. Although many of us knew Obama lied about ObamaCare right from the start, many Americans – in fact, most Americans – did not. They made the mistake of believing what the President …

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  • Obama Deputy Complicit In IRS Tea Party Scandal

    Despite Obama’s attempts to paint the IRS scandal which illegally targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups as a phony scandal that was isolated among a few overzealous IRS employees, we are now discovering that the White House was, indeed, at the center of the …

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  • Teachers Union

    Kansas Teachers Dump Teachers Union

    Did you ever think about what it would take to dump the teachers union and decertify the NEA? It’s not something most people think about. Many of us are very vocal about criticizing the NEA, which is the largest union in the country. Most fail …

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  • Vote Totals For Obama Exceed Registered Voters In Some Districts

    Pennsylvania election officials say they are not planning to investigate the extraordinary turnout and vote totals that Barack Obama garnered from parts of Philadelphia last Tuesday. The Pennsylvania Department of State is explaining away the extraordinary vote totals. “In a presidential election year, there are …

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