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  • Obama Lying About Cost Of Regulations And Executive Orders

    If you’re wondering why the stock market has risen in recent months despite uninspiring economic news, look no further than the Federal Register. This massive volume, where all new regulations are published, promises a bright economic future that should ease anyone’s concern over the direction …

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  • Wait For New Obama Lie To Explain ObamaCare

    ObamaCare Cost Two Trillion Dollars Leaves 30 Mil Uninsured

    We now know that ObamaCare will cost two trillion dollars. The outrageous cost is bad enough, but when taken in context it’s actually far worse. The Affordable Care Act, a misnomer if there ever was one, will cost upwards of two trillion dollars and will …

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  • Teachers Union

    Kansas Teachers Dump Teachers Union

    Did you ever think about what it would take to dump the teachers union and decertify the NEA? It’s not something most people think about. Many of us are very vocal about criticizing the NEA, which is the largest union in the country. Most fail …

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  • What Benghazi Cover Up

    CIA Deputy Director From Benghazi Cover Up Resigns

    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, best known publicly for his involvement in events surrounding the Benghazi cover up, resigned Wednesday. Deputy Director Michael Morell participated in rewriting the talking points which formed the basis of Obama’s Benghazi cover up. However, Morell subsequently defended the CIA’s performance …

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  • Mainstream Media Bias Media Lapdog

    Mainstream Media Bias Strongly Liberal

    Liberal media bias is a subject Accuracy in Media confronts on a daily basis. They identify examples of media bias, explain the significance, and present facts, figures and informed opinions about media bias that the mainstream media usually chooses to ignore. In a recent interview …

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  • Justice Done In Wisconsin As Supreme Court Ruling Crushes Unions

    The battle which began in January when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took office and started working to fix the state’s budget crisis by reining in the collective bargaining powers of the state’s public employee unions was finally concluded Tuesday when the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued …

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  • Free Web Page And Free Internet Ad For Local Small Businesses

    We have just finished celebrating the well deserved National Small Business Week.  A yearly chance to pay respects to the hardest working men and women in America; small business owners.  This important event provides a forum to honor entrepreneurs who inspire us and who make …

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  • Activist Judge Blocks Immigration Law In Utah

    A federal activist judge issued a stay blocking a new Utah immigration law on Tuesday. The new immigration law would have allowed police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest.  Citing similarities to the most controversial parts of an Arizona immigration law that seems bound …

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  • Obama Claims US Border Is More Secure Than Ever

    Fresh off of his victory lap from the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama hit the road Tuesday visiting El Paso, Texas on his first trip to the US-Mexico border since taking office.  In what was clearly a campaign speech, Obama claimed Tuesday that …

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  • Obama Administration Sues Boeing To Close Non-Union Factory

    Proving once again that the good of the United States is far less important than protecting corrupt union cronies, the Obama administration today attacked Boeing for building a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina, because it is a right to work state.  In what should …

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