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  • Mainstream Media Bias Media Lapdog

    Mainstream Media Bias Strongly Liberal

    Liberal media bias is a subject Accuracy in Media confronts on a daily basis. They identify examples of media bias, explain the significance, and present facts, figures and informed opinions about media bias that the mainstream media usually chooses to ignore. In a recent interview …

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  • Wisconsin Recall Election

    Media And Democrats Dishonest About Reasons Behind Wisconsin Recall Election Results

    The liberal media and dishonest Democrats are portraying Scott Walker’s Recall Election victory as one of big money, claiming Walker spent seven dollars to every one for Barrett is dishonest. The left and the mainstream media have seemingly come up with their collective spin to …

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  • Wisconsin Update Last Best Hope Of The Left Crushed By Voters

    Despite the picture which has been painted by unions, progressives, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media of an electorate which overwhelmingly supports the unions in their epic battle with Governor Scott Walker over collective bargaining privileges, the election upon which the left has hung …

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  • NPR Executive Says Conservatives And Tea Party Seriously Racist

    Tea Party Seriously Racist? An NPR executive was caught on camera lambasting the Tea Party as “seriously racist” and claiming that liberals might be, as a whole, more educated than conservatives. The comments from Ron Schiller, a senior executive at NPR and president of the …

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  • Democrat Blames Widespread Racism For Electoral Losses

    Democrat Jim Moran, a Virginia Congressman, has publicly blamed the Democratic Party’s midterm election losses on voters who “don’t want to be governed by an African-American.”  No doubt your reaction to this news will vacillate between amusement, anger and outrage.  Amusement because of the stupidity, …

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  • Death of Conservatism From Bernie Goldberg

    I enjoy penning articles of my own creation.  I find it both cathartic and satisfying when I take an idea that has been rattling around in my head, organize my thoughts, reduce them to paper, as it were, and God willing, the result of my …

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  • Baby Boomers and Seniors: A Political Tsunami That Is Washing Democrats Right Out Of Office

    Older American voters are the voting block most likely to vote in any election. This year, however, they are going to do so in record numbers. Seniors are supporting Republicans more than any other demographic group, in this election cycle, and they are poised to …

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  • Positive Election Day Effects In Addition To Throwing Dems Out

    There has been more media coverage of this election than any other mid-term election in my life. For the last several months, election coverage has increased daily, reaching overwhelming levels. Being a political news addict, I’ve absorbed most of it, much to the consternation of …

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  • NAACP Attacks Tea Party As Racists

    Every time the liberals feel their cause is losing they resort to an old tactic that has always served them well: Race Baiting. In point of fact, the practice of race baiting, which has always proved effective, has been absolutely perfected by Barack Obama. The …

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  • Voted For ObamaCare? Get the Hell Out

    When it comes to Obama Care, the message from voters is coming across loud and clear. If you voted for Obama Care, get the hell out of office. The Throw The Bastards Out movement seems determined to make sure that the vote cast in favor of Obama Care is proving to be a career ender.

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