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  • Auto Workers Reject Union

    Southern Auto Workers Reject Union At Tennessee VW Plant

    The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) was handed a beat down Friday at a Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga Tennessee. Workers at the VW factory voted against union representation, handing the UAW a devastating loss that derails the union’s effort to organize auto factories in the …

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  • Teachers Union

    Kansas Teachers Dump Teachers Union

    Did you ever think about what it would take to dump the teachers union and decertify the NEA? It’s not something most people think about. Many of us are very vocal about criticizing the NEA, which is the largest union in the country. Most fail …

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  • More Justice Done In Wisconsin As Voters Defeat Unions Again

    Conservative Revolution heads toward 2012 as Wisconsin voters and Republicans defeat unions in massive union effort to oust them from office.

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  • Union Boss Threatens Obama and Democrats. Do More For Unions Or Else

    Union boss Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO already feels like he bought this President, along with most of the Democrats in the House and Senate.  He is also keenly aware that Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party expect him, and his …

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  • Justice Done In Wisconsin As Supreme Court Ruling Crushes Unions

    The battle which began in January when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took office and started working to fix the state’s budget crisis by reining in the collective bargaining powers of the state’s public employee unions was finally concluded Tuesday when the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued …

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  • Obama Administration Suing States For Unions

    The Obama administration is on the offensive again in their zeal to protect labor unions, showering them with corrupt deals and political favoritism.  The National Labor Relations Board, an agency of the Obama administration, is expanding its authority well beyond that which is its legal …

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  • Obama Administration Sues Boeing To Close Non-Union Factory

    Proving once again that the good of the United States is far less important than protecting corrupt union cronies, the Obama administration today attacked Boeing for building a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina, because it is a right to work state.  In what should …

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  • Public Employee Labor Union Sues Government

    The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents 500,000 federal employees. making it the largest union federal employee union, has sued the federal government, seeking more disclosure about which federal employees and positions will be declared non-essential in the event government shuts down at midnight …

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  • Wisconsin Update Last Best Hope Of The Left Crushed By Voters

    Despite the picture which has been painted by unions, progressives, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media of an electorate which overwhelmingly supports the unions in their epic battle with Governor Scott Walker over collective bargaining privileges, the election upon which the left has hung …

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  • Continuing Battle Of Unions Against The Taxpayers

    As union thugs protested in the street to drumbeats chanting ‘Tell me what Democracy looks like,’ Judge Maryann Sumi became the poster child for the Left when she blocked publication of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s new law which limits the collective bargaining powers of Wisconsin’s …

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