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  • Benghazi Special Report The Truth Behind The Smokescreen By FoxNews Channel

    Benghazi Special Report Video | Truth Behind The Smokescreen

    Benghazi Special Report The Truth Behind the Smokescreen A FoxNews Channel Special Report

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  • Obama Lied About ObamaCare – You Can’t Keep Your Doctor

    The next Obama lie about ObamaCare is starting to become more widely known. Although many of us knew Obama lied about ObamaCare right from the start, many Americans – in fact, most Americans – did not. They made the mistake of believing what the President …

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  • Send Susan Rice Out To Lie

    Obama Lying About Benghazi Says Testimony And Video

    Obama Lying About Benghazi Sworn testimony before Congress, along with a previously unreleased video tape recovered from the US consulate in Benghazi provide overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama is lying about Benghazi. The cover up engineered by Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that …

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  • Obama Lied About ObamaCare Cost

    Obama Claims ObamaCare Cost Less Than Cell Phone

    Obama Lies About ObamaCare Cost President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center Saturday night. While extolling the benefits of ObamaCare less than 10 days before the opening of the new health …

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  • Change You Can Believe In Video Analysis

    Barack Obama was elected President of the United States more than four years ago, in November 2008. The successful 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was masterfully executed and masterfully deceptive. The central premise of the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was Change You Can Believe In. The …

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  • What Benghazi Cover Up

    CIA Deputy Director From Benghazi Cover Up Resigns

    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, best known publicly for his involvement in events surrounding the Benghazi cover up, resigned Wednesday. Deputy Director Michael Morell participated in rewriting the talking points which formed the basis of Obama’s Benghazi cover up. However, Morell subsequently defended the CIA’s performance …

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  • Video: Political Expert Michael Barone Predicts Romney 325-223

    Syndicated political writer and Washington Examiner Political Bureau Chief, Michael Barone, provides his 2012 election prediction in the video interview with Mike Huckabee. Barone, who is also a syndicated political writer for Real Clear Politics, presented his 2012 election prediction - with a great deal of supporting information – in this …

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  • NPR Executive Says Conservatives And Tea Party Seriously Racist

    Tea Party Seriously Racist? An NPR executive was caught on camera lambasting the Tea Party as “seriously racist” and claiming that liberals might be, as a whole, more educated than conservatives. The comments from Ron Schiller, a senior executive at NPR and president of the …

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