Change You Can Believe In Video Analysis


Barack Obama was elected President of the United States more than four years ago, in November 2008. The successful 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was masterfully executed and masterfully deceptive. The central premise of the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was Change You Can Believe In. The Change You Can Believe In phrase was repeated by Obama and Obama surrogates thousands of times during the 2008 campaign. In fact, Change You Can Believe In, was repeated so many times that much of a biased mainstream media began using the phrase to punctuate the vast majority of news stories about Obama.

During the 2008 Presidential election campaign, the biased mainstream media became so enamored with Barack Obama and the Change You Can Believe In slogan that they threw their not inconsiderable weight almost entirely behind candidate Obama. The biased mainstream media carried so much water for the Obama campaign that it became an extension of the Obama campaign in what the most glaring example of media bias since Pravda which, much like our mainstream media, never had even a passing relationship with the truth. That media bias continued after the election of Obama and is just as glaring today, as is their propensity to repeat the Change You Can Believe In slogan.

Now, more than four years into the Obama Administration, mainstream media bias is in full force and the media consistently defends Obama and routinely attacks his detractors. The unholy alliance of Barack Obama and mainstream media utilize a predictable playbook of methods to attack and marginalize those who disagree with Obama. The tool most frequently used of the Obama media alliance is the race card, as any and all who oppose Obama are branded as racist, regardless of the actual issues.

It’s been more than four years since we were dishonestly promised Change You Can Believe In thousands of times. The below video analyzes Change You Can Believe In as Obama’s own words are contrasted to expose Change You Can Believe In as the empty slogan it really is. Ask yourself if you have found Change You Can Believe In?