The latest State Department release of Hillary’s emails reveals that classified material in Clinton email increases sharply. In addition to a spike in the quantity of classified emails on Hillary’s server there were also documents which were classified Secret. All of this despite the fact that the State Department only produced half of the Clinton emails they were legally required to produce under a federal court order.

Classified Material In Clinton Email Increases Sharply

In the latest court ordered document dump by the State Department of Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence shows a dramatic increase in the quantity of classified material. There were 215 classified emails contained in the latest document dump released by the State Department on December 31. The 215 classified emails dwarfs the 185 classified emails produced in the last four months combined.

In addition to the spike in classified material contained in Hillary’s emails, two of the emails were classified ‘secret,’ the highest level of government classification. Most of the others were marked “confidential.” This, of course, flies in the face of Hillary Clinton’s lies that she never sent nor received classified material on her personal, non-secure email server.

As reported in National Review, the classification markings indicate that State Department reviewers classified the information before it was released publicly. This aligns with the contention — put forth by the State Department and Clinton’s campaign — that any sensitive material sent over her private server was classified after-the-fact.

But two separate investigations disagree with that assertion — one conducted by the State Department and intelligence community inspectors general, and another by the CIA. Much of the information is also sourced directly from foreign officials and governments, rendering it immediately classified under federal regulations.

It’s not clear why the number of classified documents increased so dramatically in the latest production. The State Department appears to be releasing Clinton’s e-mails in chronological order, meaning the amount of classified material could fluctuate from release to release depending on the time frame each one covers. State officials have made additional tweaks to the process since last month, moving 50 additional workers into the department’s public records division and bringing in a “transparency czar” to oversee the preparation of emails for release.

The State Department has now released 19,569 of the approximately 55,000 pages of Hillary Clinton e-mails it intends to eventually make public.

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Classified Material In Clinton Email Increases Sharply

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