The State Department is a veritable sieve for classified and top secret communications, material and Clinton emails. Since early March, when the Clinton email scandal went public, there seems to be a news report every couple of days that provides more and more information about Hillary’s emails.

Her emails — some of which were classified and some were top secret, no matter how badly the left wants to obscure these facts — are floating all over the place. You can find Hillary’s email records on her server, her BlackBerry, her iPhone, her iPad, Clinton Foundation servers, in Huma Abedin’s account, in Cheryl Mills’ account, in Sydney Blumenthal’s account, on Hillary’s lawyer’s thumb drive and the list goes on. The only place you can’t find Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails is on State Department servers.This paragraph alone should make everyone with a brain realize the absurdity of the tales that have been spun by long time liar Hillary Clinton.

The fact remains that sensitive, classified material is floating all over the place because the Clinton email cover up was devised by Hillary to hide stuff. Her need to hide legally and politically sensitive material from both the Obama Administration and the public record superseded national security to Hillary. Hillary Clinton’s claim that she neither sent nor received any classified material while Secretary of State is such an outrageous lie, all Americans should be angered. Really? Four years as Secretary of State and she handled nothing that was classified?

Hillary’s Senior Aides Knee Deep In Clinton Email Cover Up

The State Department has also recently confirmed to a federal court that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s top aides at the State Department — now Hillary’s top aides on the Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation — both used personal email accounts to conduct government business in addition to having a State Department email. Abedin also had an email account on Hillary’s private email server and on the Clinton Foundation server. Hillary claims that Cheryl Mills did not have an email account on Hillary’s server, but Intelligent US Politics cannot verify Clinton’s statement.

Hillary’s stated reason for using a private email server was so she wouldn’t have to carry two iPhones, even though you can have multiple emails on one iPhone. Okay, Hillary lied about that too.

The State Department admitted that Abedin and Mills “used personal email accounts located on commercial servers at times for government business.” Abedin, at least, also had an account on Hillary’s home server and an account at the Clinton Foundation. If Abedin and Mills had State Department emails and commercial emails like Gmail or Microsoft email, why in the world would they need emails on Hillary’s private server?

Anyone who asks that question — particularly members of the fourth estate — without already knowing the answer is disingenuous. Email accounts on Hillary’s server were to provide Hillary a way to communicate with them that was hidden, just like her own emails. The three never worried about transparency. They had no fear of anyone ever reading their emails. A fact that contributed to them concocting dishonest stories about spontaneous demonstrations fueled by a YouTube video about Muslims, and lots of other cockamamie crap.

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Exposing Clinton Email Cover Up

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan is dealing with Hillary Clinton’s growing list of lies, deceit and obfuscation born of the Clinton email cover up due to a FOIA lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch.  Judicial Watch argues that using a private email server, rather than a State Department system, does not absolve Clinton or her aides of responsibility to preserve original records. It is incumbent upon them to insure all emails are stored by the administration as official records. Judge Sullivan seems to be getting increasingly irritated by Clinton’s lies and lack of compliance with court orders.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said “The State Department refused to answer questions about what is even in its possession. Now we know that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have joined hands in this email scandal,” he said. “It is now clear that Mrs. Clinton is withholding servers and emails from the FBI and Justice Department, and Judge Sullivan is being misled to conclude otherwise. We will seek appropriate relief from the court.”

The State Department claimed to Judge Sullivan that it “is not currently aware” of any other devices, such as computers or phones “issued by the department to former Secretary Clinton, Ms. Abedin or Ms. Mills that may contain responsive records.” Clinton has asserted, through her lawyer, that she has turned over all of her relevant documents to the State Department. However, statements like this one from Clinton or Clinton surrogates are very short lived, until they are proven demonstrably false, and then new statements come along from Clinton and the cycle begins again.

For her part, Cheryl Mills said, through her lawyer, that she has already returned all documents she believes are official business. Except, of course, for any documents which were hosted on Hillary’s email server. Abedin’s lawyer said she’ll return any official government documents that are in her possession by August 28. Since it will take Abedin so long to produce the documents, it must be an awful lot of documents. Although when she produces two file folders and a postage stamp on August 28, I can’t say I’ll be surprised.

Clinton Email Cover Up Shatters Transparency In Government

Clinton’s email scandal means that the State Department has never been able to properly respond to FOIA requests about anything involving Hillary Clinton. The State Department for years had been performing records-searches without access to Clinton’s emails — though it never publicly admitted the searches were incomplete. This situation only became public after the House Select Committee on Benghazi learned of Clinton’s use of a private email account for official business, and demanded to see some of those messages.

The State Department then asked Clinton to return records that were supposed to have been in the government’s possession, nearly two years after she left office. Hillary returned approximately 30,000 emails — printed on 55,000 pages. The State Department has spent months going back and re-digitizing those messages. Clinton didn’t turn over the digital files because she has altered the documents and digital files would have provided obvious digital signatures evidencing the alterations.

Judge Sullivan has demanded that Clinton, Mills and Abedin certify certain facts and representations to the court under penalty of perjury. Hillary Clinton filed an Affidavit with the Court, however weak and ambiguous it may be. It is still unclear if Mills or Abedin will comply. The judge is also making the State Department detail the steps it is taking to try to make sure its records are complete.

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Hillary Clinton’s Long History Of Lies

Hillary Clinton has a long and storied past mired in lies and political deceit. Her history as a liar is, in fact, legendary, beginning with her first job after graduating from law school. Hillary Clinton was a staff lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 working on the Watergate investigation and impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon. Hillary Clinton was fired from the Judiciary Committee for fraud. In hindsight, Richard Nixon was a choirboy compared to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Email Cover Up Note

As an interesting note on the Clinton Email Cover-up, the federal judge mentioned in this article, Judge Emmet Sullivan, is also the federal judge who is hearing the case concerning IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups. Because he is presiding over both cases, Judge Sullivan has been able to observe patterns of deceit in both cases and he’s getting pretty tired of being lied to. At lease Judge Sullivan is beginning to get the big picture of  how the Obama Administration repeatedly breaks the law and ignores court rulings.

Clinton Email Cover Up Widens As FBI Seizes Email Server

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