Clinton Political Corruption In A League Of Its Own


When It Comes To Corrupt Politicians Hillary Clinton Is In A League Of Her Own

To analyze Clinton political corruption, let’s start with the newest batch of 15,000 more undisclosed, unreturned, lied about, and tried her damnedest to destroy work related emails. These are the emails she deleted because they were personal, yoga classes, Chelsea’s wedding and the like. Hillary promised there were no work-related emails. And she promised there weren’t any classified emails. And so on. Everything Hillary Clinton says is a lie.

When these latest emails were recovered by FBI forensic specialists from Hillary’s erased server, as usual, the truth doesn’t comport to Hillary’s story. We now see that all 15,000 of them are work related emails. These were the ones that Hillary really, really didn’t want us to see.

Hillary Clinton stared into the TV cameras and told the American people there were no more work-related emails, and there certainly weren’t any classified emails. The only problem is, she’s a big, fat liar.

Then, of course, there is documentary evidence that wealthy foreign donors always had access to the US Secretary of State, as long as they made sizable enough contributions to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative are the most outrageous political slush fund in history.

But the Clinton’s weren’t just running pay for play, there was pay for jobs, pay for meetings, there was even pay for visas. Clinton Foundation executives had access to the Secretary of State to pave the way for visa approvals for wealthy foreigners who donated generously to the Bill and Hillary Slush Fund. They could also arrange diplomatic passports from Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood connected top aide Huma Abedin.

Clinton surrogates and Democrats talk about the Clinton Foundation in glowing terms, describing a charitable organization that is practically saving the world, single-handedly. And those Clintons are the most generous people in the world, curing disease, saving the kids, lifting the world out of poverty, and they don’t even take a salary, nothing, not one thin dime. But in 2013, the Clinton charity raised $140 million and spent $131 million on their expenses, and only $9 million was spent charitably. That’s 6% for charity and 94% for corruption.

Help Put An End To Clinton Political Corruption

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Clinton Political Corruption In A League Of Its Own

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