Democratic Claim Obama Created 4.5 Million New Jobs Another Obama Lie


Over and over, last week at the Democratic National Convention we heard that Barack Obama had created 4.5 million new jobs in the private sector. Convention speakers from Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden, and everyone in between, chanted the 4.5 million new jobs mantra. Wow, 4.5 million new jobs in the private sector under Obama is far better than I thought he did.

Since employment, jobs and the economy are, collectively, the issue which is singularly important to almost all voters in the 2012 election campaign, democratic claims of 4.5 million new jobs deserves fact checking.

The Democrats, themselves, gave away the lie. The tell was that the democrats kept repeating it. Their theory, it seems, is to repeat something enough times for people to believe it. They are usually aided in this effort by most of the mainstream media who typically carry Obama’s water.

The figure of 4.5 million new jobs created by Obama became the mantra at the Democratic National Convention. The Democrats were so consistent in this regard that no speaker at the DNC touched the podium without claiming that Barack Obama created 4.5 million new jobs. It was a well orchestrated yet completely dishonest strategy of the left to show that Obama had turned the economy around.

Fact Checking 4.5 Million New Jobs

CNN’s Tom Foreman and Erin Burnett ran the 4.5 million new jobs claim to ground. Foreman said that the problem wasn’t in the math, but in the context. 4.5 million private sector jobs have been added during this administration, but, as Burnett said, the problem is that there were also “many jobs lost. In fact, there were five million private sector jobs lost. So, net jobs lost, private sector, 500,000,” said Burnett. She said that if you look at other jobs, including government jobs, “the picture is actually much worse. In terms of net loss, we are still 1.1 million jobs in the hole under this administration.”

They also explained that many of the jobs that were added were short-term jobs, such as with the stimulus money, or with the census. In fact, many people were hired multiple times over a several month period to work for the 2010 census, each time counting towards that 4.5 million new jobs figure.

Job creation and employment numbers are always counted on a net basis. At least until the Obama administration, who counts jobs created while completely ignoring jobs lost. It’s the same thing as a corporation counting revenue without counting expenses. You get a very distorted reality.

Never before has an American President, a presidential administration or a political party counted job creation this way. The claim of 4.5 million new jobs is a deliberately dishonest claim designed to trick the American people into believing that Obama is doing a good job on the economy, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In that the Democratic Party is perpetrating this institutional lie by continually repeating the claim that Obama created 4.5 million new jobs is a heinous attempt to hijack the electorate.

The repeated claims by Democrats speaking at the DNC that Obama created 4.5 million new jobs is a lie. To be sure, it’s a lie that has been repeated by Democrats hundreds of times, but it’s a lie nonetheless. The truth is that Obama lost 5 million private sector jobs in the same period. The real net result is that Barack Obama has lost half a million private sector jobs.

It’s time for Barack Obama to stop lying to the American people. It’s time for the Democratic Party to stop lying to the American people. It’s time for the mainstream media to stop lying to the American people. And, it’s time for the American people to stop accepting the left’s institutional lies.

If they really believed their way is better for America, why lie over and over about something so fundamental?