Democratic Election Worker Pleads Guilty To Fraud


Democratic Campaign Worker Forged Petition Signatures That Placed Obama On 2008 Ballot is reporting that a Democratic election worker who was active in securing signatures that got Barack Obama on the ballot in Indiana has pleaded guilty to forging signatures. One of four people accused of conspiring to forge signatures on petitions to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the state's 2008 presidential primary ballot in northern Indiana has pleaded guilty.WSBT-TV reports former voter registration worker Beverly Shelton pleaded guilty Thursday to forgery and falsely making a petition as part of a plea agreement. She had been charged along with former St. Joseph County's Democratic Party chairman Butch Morgan and two other voter registration workers.

Morgan and the two others have pleaded not guilty and will stand trial. Morgan resigned in October 2011 following 16 years as the county's Democratic chairman after the South Bend Tribune and the Howey Politics Indiana newsletter reported finding hundreds of questionable signatures.

Shelton will be sentenced May 9.

I feel like the baby from the E*Trade commercials putting on my shocked face. Is anyone really surprised? The Democratic Party has elevated election fraud to new, lofty heights. But that isn't at all surprising, given they've been perfecting it since Mayor Daley made sure Jack Kennedy was elected in 1960.

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