Democratic Lies Produce Federal Budget With Trillion Dollar Error


Senate Democrats, who have been unable to pass a federal budget for the last five years, finally proposed and passed a federal budget. Before we applaud them for meeting the minimum standards of their job description, we must point out that they did so only to counter the budget proposed by Republican Paul Ryan.

Senate Democrats took their proposed federal budget on tour with all of the usual media suspects. Employing the usual playbook of the left, they used poll tested terms like balanced approach and fair share.  They stood tall and claimed that they are the adults in the federal budget battle.

In light of the recent public revelations exposing Barack Obama’s serial lying about ObamaCare, I’m not going to let the Democrats run roughshod over the truth anymore. Obama’s lies and the lies from the rest of the left have to be stopped or exposed every time.  I’ll start.

Although Senate Democrats are playing the part of responsible statesmen, advancing the banner of fiscal responsibility against the headwinds of obstructionist, shut-down-the-government Republicans, we must remember and note that it is these same Senate Democrats who have been unable to pass a federal budget for almost five years.

Every time Democrats play this part, the usual suspects from the mainstream media pay homage to the great and powerful Obama and applaud the comical cast from the Senate. To make a point which is counter to the institutional cheer leading of the liberal media, I must point out that every time Senate Democrats speak, it becomes increasingly apparent that these morons should be fitted for helmets to keep them from hurting themselves.

The Senate Democrats are more than four years late in passing the federal budget which is required by law, but have the audacity to claim they are responsible statesmen.  Senate Democrats actually try to paint themselves as great savers of the people’s money.  And, with the mainstream media in tow, Democrats never miss an opportunity to paint Republicans as the party of no. Calling them a bunch of rich, white racists that want poor people to be uninsured.  Let’s instead look at the federal budget passed by Democrats.

Senate Democrats Federal Budget Has $1 Trillion Error

The numbers in the budget passed by Democrats don’t add up.  In fact, they are off by almost $1 trillion. That’s more than a rounding error, even for Democrats. This is not a $1 trillion philosophical disagreement with Senate Democrats. I mean these morons proposed and passed a federal budget with a $1 trillion math error. I don’t have the time or inclination to correct their arithmetic, but I do know what we can expect in the way of excuses.

  1. The $1 trillion math error is excusable because Senate Democrats are out of practice. After all, they haven’t passed a federal budget since George Bush was President.
  2. The $1 trillion math error is excusable because Senate Democrats don’t have a guy as smart as Paul Ryan. After all, it does take a really big brain to understand all those trillions, and Senate Democrats just don’t have one; between them.
  3. The $1 trillion math error is excusable because Senate Democrats were rushed into rolling-out their budget. While they were trying hard to look responsible – when compared to Paul Ryan – let’s not forget that the Senate Democrats are more than four years late.
  4. The $1 trillion math error is excusable because Senate Democrats counted the same spending cuts twice and, after all, they meant well. We can’t very well expect Democrats to catch a math error hidden by double counting spending cuts, when they have no intention of cutting spending even once. Or,
  5. Maybe my description of Senate Democrats as morons who should be wearing helmets is spot on, and they just don’t have the intelligence between them to do the math.
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Democratic Lies Produce Federal Budget With Trillion Dollar Error

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