Democratic Lies Produce Federal Budget With Trillion Dollar Error


If the political left had a shred of honesty or decency, they would be disheartened by the fact that these morons got the math wrong, to the tune of $1 trillion.  Way to go Senator Reid, Senator Schumer and you other idiots, you had more than 1400 days to prepare a federal budget and yet you still can’t get the math right.

Senate Democrats have staffs, accountants, computers and all the tools they need. What they lack is a commitment to fixing the federal budget, just like they lack the commitment to tell the truth about ObamaCare.

Democrats Stick With Institutional Lies

Their $1 trillion math error notwithstanding, the budget passed by the Democrats doesn’t balance. I don’t mean that it doesn’t balance this year. I mean it never balances.  Instead, the Democrats have passed a federal budget which adds another $7.3 trillion to the national debt in the next ten years. That’s before both ObamaCare and their math error. Apparently the $17 trillion national debt isn’t enough for Democrats.

Senate Democrats claim that their budget, which cleared committee on a straight party-line vote, will cut the deficit by $1.85 trillion over the next decade; half from spending cuts and half from tax increases. Neither is true, but it is the institutional lie Democrats are sticking with. The truth of the matter is that Democrats don’t care if the budget is balanced, if their math is right or wrong, or even if they have a budget. Democrats only care how they appear in sound bytes.

Republicans accuse Democrats of ignoring the national debt; which is true. Democrats accuse Republicans of denying entitlements so they can preserve tax breaks for the rich; which is false. The tactics employed by both sides are the same partisan bickering as always. But the fundamental disconnect in the way each side calculates the numbers guarantees that the idiots in Washington will again fail to pass a federal budget.

The Democrats claim their plan would replace the sequester and build on that savings for a total of $975 billion in alternative cuts and $975 billion in tax hikes over 10 years. But Democratic Senate staffers acknowledge their plan also counted the replacement cuts toward their total deficit-reduction figure. In other words, they counted budget cuts, carried the math down the page, and then counted those same cuts again. It’s little wonder Democrats have never actually cut the budget.

The Republican budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan reduces the deficit by $4.6 trillion over the next decade. That is in addition to the savings already counted in the sequester. “Every dollar in savings in the House Republican budget is the result of new policy proposals,” a Ryan spokesman told Fox News. “There is no double counting in our budget.”

Democrats are using their own math errors to prevent direct comparison to the Republican budget as well as any substantive discussion. This is the same way Democrats are using the failed roll-out of the ObamaCare website as a shield to prevent substantive discussion about ObamaCare itself. In other words, they’ll talk all day long about math errors and websites to keep from having to talk about the federal budget or ObamaCare.

Representatives for both Senator Harry Reid and Senator Chuck Schumer refused to return calls to comment.

This disagreement over basic facts is tailor made for Obama and the Democrats. As in most policy discussions in the Obama White House, politics beats policy every time. Confusion and misunderstanding are warmly embraced by Obama and the Democrats, which is why Obama is now lying about the lies he told about ObamaCare.

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Democratic Lies Produce Federal Budget With Trillion Dollar Error

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