Democrats Are Preparing Massive Voter Fraud Efforts Nationwide

The Clinton campaign and Democrats have been bringing dozens of lawsuits against the effort by any state to clamp down on voter fraud. Specific targets of the left have been Voter ID laws and efforts by the states to clean up voter registration rolls that are overly bloated with ineligible voters, dead voters and voters who have left the jurisdiction.

Funding for much of the Democrat effort to prepare for massive voter fraud is being provided by liberal billionaire George Soros through various political foundations. As Democrats are increasingly losing the legal battles to prevent voter ID laws, the have been relegated to the roll of obstructionist and they are becoming increasingly outrageous with unwinnable lawsuits.

The filing of lawsuits against states all across the country provide a clear indication that the Clinton campaign and Democrats are preparing massive voter fraud efforts. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed by the Obama Justice Department, the Democrat Party, the Clinton campaign and various other groups funded by liberal billionaire George Soros that seek to eviscerate election integrity protections. The lawsuits are just part of a coordinated effort by by the left to radically change the US electoral system to advance their liberal agenda.

Paving The Way For Voter Fraud

In much the same way an invading army bombards the defensive positions of their enemy for considerable time to soften and degrade the enemy before risking their troops in direct combat, Democrats have been softening the electorate and conservatives with media bombardment and lawsuits. For many years, Democrats and their mainstream media partners have softened the opposition to their measures, using a media blitz with multiple objectives.

Their primary and continuing objective has been to convince the electorate that there is no voter fraud, an objective with which they have had moderate success. To understand the magnitude of this effort, perform a Google exact-match search for the phrase ‘voter fraud is a myth.’ Google has 3,940 articles in their index that use that exact phrase. What are the odds? That is a great deal of content with the exact same phrase and message.

Their secondary goal has been to convince voters that voting rules of any kind constitute Republican voter suppression. Democrats and the mainstream media go to great lengths to sell this one, in part because it is a tougher sale, but in part because they enjoy making the claim. It’s as if the very act of saying it makes them feel justified in committing voter fraud. Again looking at search trends, in the last eight years, ‘Republican voter suppression’ produces 11,500 exact-match Google search results and ‘GOP voter suppression’ produces 15,100 exact-match search results.

Their most aggressive efforts are dedicated to opposing maintenance of voter registration rolls and opposing voter ID laws. These initiatives pose a very real threat to successful voter fraud. Democrats combine media bombardment with a mind boggling assortment of frivolous lawsuits to oppose voter ID laws.

Cleaning Up Voter Registration Rolls To Prevent Voter Fraud

It seems that the most basic, most sensible efforts by State officials meets with the most venomous opposition from Democrats. I think anyone reading this article would agree that voter registration rolls for any given precinct, county or state should be comprised of living citizens who are registered to vote. They are most commonly called registered voters. It never ceases to amaze me that Democrats attack any effort to maintain or clean up voter registration rolls with such vitriol. But, they have no choice, because clean voter registration rolls leave precious little room for voter fraud.

Any time a state tries to clean up voter registration rolls, Democrats scream bloody murder, and claim Republicans are trying to purge voters. It seems Democrats get very, very upset anytime dead people are removed from voter registration rolls. They get positively apoplectic and, at times, come very close to defending the right of dead people to vote. Apparently, in Chicago, dead people have a very long history of electoral activity.

But the fact remains that swollen voter registration rolls are a very real, very expensive problem. The problem has attracted the attention of a public interest law firm that is now threatening to bring lawsuits against 141 counties in 21 states that have more registered voters than they do living residents. First of all, this is impossible on its face (the subset cannot be larger than the set). In fact, registered voters are 66.8 percent of the living population nationwide in the US, because not all adults register to vote and children never register to vote. You can see why counties with greater than 100 percent registration drew attention.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a law firm dedicated to election integrity based in Indiana, recently sent statutory notice letters to election officials in 141 counties putting them on notice of their discoveries. The group says if action is not taken to correct the questionable voter rolls, they will bring lawsuits against every single county on the list.

“Corrupted voter rolls provide the perfect environment for voter fraud,” said J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel of PILF. “Close elections tainted by voter fraud turned control of the United States Senate in 2009. Too much is at stake in 2016 to allow that to happen again.”

The statutory notice letters argue the counties are violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and urge them to correct the issue, claiming their voter rolls contain a substantially high amount of ineligible voters. The group used federally produced data to come to their conclusions.

“Voter rolls across America have been discovered that contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters, resulting in the possible disenfranchisement of legally eligible voters via ballot dilution that threatens to subvert the nation’s electoral process,” the letter sent to the violating counties reads.

“Based on our comparison of publicly available information published by the US Census Bureau and the federal Election Assistance Commission, your county is failing to comply with Section 8 of the NVRA,” it continues. “Federal law requires election officials to conduct a reasonable effort to maintain voter registration lists free of dead voters, ineligible voters and voters who have moved away.”

“In short, your county has significantly more voters on the registration rolls than it has eligible live voters and is thus not reasonably maintaining the rolls.”

More outrageous still, some counties have voter registration rates that exceed 150 percent of living residents. It came as no surprise that the counties with the greatest percentage of illegal registered voters are in Illinois. Franklin County contains the highest voter registration rate at 190 percent followed by Pulaski County with a 176 percent voter registration rate.

Lowndes County Alabama 127%
Perry County Alabama 113%
Greene County Alabama 112%
Macon County Alabama 112%
Wilcox County Alabama 110%
Marengo County Alabama 104%
Hale County Alabama 104%
Washington County Alabama 103%
Conecuh County Alabama 102%
Choctaw County Alabama 102%
Apache County Arizona 101%
Mineral County Colorado 133%
Hinsdale County Colorado 116%
San Juan County Colorado 115%
Ouray County Colorado 112%
Pitkin County Colorado 105%
Summit County Colorado 105%
Dolores County Colorado 104%
San Miguel County Colorado 103%
Cheyenne County Colorado 101%
Boulder County Colorado 101%
Mcintosh County Georgia 142%
Marion County Georgia 129%
Franklin County Illinois 190%
Pulaski County Illinois 176%
Washington County Illinois 150%
Henderson County Illinois 148%
Union County Illinois 138%
Rock Island County Illinois 133%
Alexander County Illinois 130%
Massac County Illinois 125%
Hardin County Illinois 119%
Mercer County Illinois 109%
Crawford County Illinois 109%
Wabash County Illinois 105%
White County Illinois 104%
Jersey County Illinois 104%
Jefferson County Illinois 102%
Sangamon County Illinois 101%
Scott County Illinois 101%
Crawford County Indiana 112%
Scott County Indiana 107%
Franklin County Indiana 106%
Brown County Indiana 104%
Tipton County Indiana 104%
Union County Indiana 103%
Orange County Indiana 103%
Dearborn County Indiana 102%
Newton County Indiana 102%
Warrick County Indiana 101%
Clark County Indiana 101%
Fremont County Iowa 104%
Lyon County Iowa 101%
Gove County Kansas 116%
Cherokee County Kansas 105%
Bourbon County Kansas 102%
Rawlins County Kansas 101%
Breathitt County Kentucky 110%
Fulton County Kentucky 106%
Menifee County Kentucky 105%
Magoffin County Kentucky 103%
Wolfe County Kentucky 103%
Trimble County Kentucky 103%
Monroe County Kentucky 103%
Carlisle County Kentucky 102%
Mercer County Kentucky 102%
Floyd County Kentucky 102%
Powell County Kentucky 102%
Owsley County Kentucky 102%
Anderson County Kentucky 102%
Cumberland County Kentucky 102%
Leslie County Kentucky 101%
Caldwell County Kentucky 101%
Hancock County Kentucky 101%
Livingston County Kentucky 101%
Tensas Parish Louisiana 109%
St. Helena Parish Louisiana 104%
Cameron Parish Louisiana 102%
Leelanau County Michigan 109%
Roscommon County Michigan 107%
Charlevoix County Michigan 107%
Otsego County Michigan 107%
Ontonagon County Michigan 107%
Antrim County Michigan 107%
Dickinson County Michigan 106%
Emmet County Michigan 106%
Genesee County Michigan 105%
Iosco County Michigan 105%
Kalkaska County Michigan 105%
Berrien County Michigan 105%
Keweenaw County Michigan 104%
Benzie County Michigan 104%
Mackinac County Michigan 104%
Gladwin County Michigan 104%
Alcona County Michigan 103%
Gogebic County Michigan 103%
Cheboygan County Michigan 102%
Menominee County Michigan 102%
Montmorency County Michigan 101%
Saginaw County Michigan 101%
Midland County Michigan 101%
Wayne County Michigan 101%
Walthall County Mississippi 109%
Issaquena County Mississippi 107%
Lincoln County Mississippi 103%
Amite County Mississippi 101%
Ray County Missouri 101%
Petroleum County Montana 108%
Carter County Montana 103%
Loup County Nebraska 110%
Wheeler County Nebraska 107%
Kimball County Nebraska 106%
Thurston County Nebraska 102%
Hooker County Nebraska 101%
Keya Paha County Nebraska 101%
Thomas County Nebraska 101%
Harding County New Mexico 133%
Mora County New Mexico 110%
Catron County New Mexico 103%
Los Alamos County New Mexico 102%
De Baca County New Mexico 102%
Hamilton County New York 122%
Clay County North Carolina 103%
Yancey County North Carolina 101%
Hanson County South Dakota 163%
Campbell County South Dakota 105%
Union County South Dakota 105%
Potter County South Dakota 102%
Harding County South Dakota 101%
Brooks County Texas 123%
Kenedy County Texas 116%
Terrell County Texas 111%
McMullen County Texas 109%
Irion County Texas 107%
Jim Hogg County Texas 105%
Culberson County Texas 104%
Presidio County Texas 102%
Polk County Texas 101%
Mingo County West Virginia 108%
Lincoln County West Virginia 107%
McDowell County West Virginia 103%

Mr. Adams, who is a former Justice Department lawyer who served in the civil rights division at the DOJ, said former Attorney General Eric Holder and current Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to enforce the law because they don’t have a problem with corrupted voter rolls.

“Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have deliberately refused to enforce this law because they have no problem with corrupted voter rolls,” Christian Adams told the Washington Free Beacon. “They don’t like the law, so they don’t enforce it. It’s a pattern that has come to characterize this Justice Department.”

Democrats Attack Virginia Voter ID Law

In order to give massive voter fraud efforts the greatest chance for success, the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign, in conjunction with the Justice Department and numerous private groups funded by billionaire liberal George Soros, file lawsuits that oppose every single voter ID law in the country. That’s alot of lawsuits and they are frequently absurd.

In a recent filing in a lawsuit that opposes Virginia’s voter ID law, the Democrats claim that Virginia’s voter ID law harms them because if the ID “is lost or stolen, or if they forget to bring it, they face greater hurdles to voting and, in many cases, may find themselves completely disenfranchised.” They go on to say that “many voters” “are discouraged in general by the imposition of the voter ID law and, therefore, it is the requirement that they present ID — whether they have the required ID or not — that causes them not to vote.”

In other words, Democrats contend that it is a violation of the Voting Rights Act to require a voter to remember to bring their ID to the polls and to take the ID out of their pocket when they get there.

Clinton Campaign Attacks Alabama’s Voter ID Law

Alabama has 44 driver’s license offices statewide and had, until now, 31 part-time satellite offices. State budget constraints forced Alabama to close the part-time satellite offices, causing Hillary Clinton to spring into action against this obviously racist act by Alabama Republicans.

“I strongly oppose Alabama’s decision to close driver’s license offices across the state, especially in counties that have a significant majority of African Americans. Just a few years ago, Alabama passed a law requiring citizens to have a photo ID to vote. Now they’re shutting down places where people get those photo IDs. This is only going to make it harder for people to vote. It’s a blast from the Jim Crow past.

“We’re better than this. We should be encouraging more Americans to vote, not making voting harder. As President, I’ll push for automatic voter registration for every American when they turn 18, and a new national standard of at least 20 days of early in-person voting in every state. And I’ll work with Congress to restore key protections of the Voting Rights Act.

“African Americans fought for the right to vote in the face of unthinkable hatred. They stood up and were beaten down, marched and were turned back. Some were even killed. But in the end, the forces of justice overcame. Alabama should do the right thing. It should reverse this decision. And it should start protecting the franchise for every single voter, no matter the color of their skin.”

Don’t worry, it’s not Jim Crow all over again. What the dishonest Democrat candidate didn’t tell you in her little holier than thou tirade is that you can get a free voter ID card in every county in Alabama. But wait, there’s more. The offices that issue free voter ID cards are in the same county buildings as the closed driver’s license offices. Imagine the African Americans who will be surprised to learn that Hillary thinks they are incapable of getting a Voter ID card on the left side of the hall, instead of the right side of the hall, in the same building in Alabama.

Perhaps the Democrats should work on policies that benefit their constituents and all Americans so they can quit lying and committing voter fraud to get elected.

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Democrats Are Preparing Massive Voter Fraud Efforts

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