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Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from energy rich Canada down through the Continental United States will help secure America's energy independence, create thousands of high paying jobs and help to lower the price you pay at the pump. Keystone XL is not pumping oil into America's veins right now because construction of the pipeline is being blocked in Washington. More specifically, Keystone XL is being blocked by corrupt Democrats. We have known for years that Keystone XL is being blocked by the Obama Administration in an obvious attempt to placate the environmental left. There have been numerous environmental impact…

The Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is more than just a gathering of the climate change faithful: It’s a collection of weirdos, freaks, losers and leftist anti-American whack jobs. But it has made me reflect one key development of 2009: The long overdue exposure of Al Gore and the global warming crowd as liars and charlatans.  Let’s pay tribute to the Godfather of the global warming movement, Al Gore, and the lies and hypocrisy which permeate the climate change crowd. Al Gore, won a Nobel Prize and Academy Award warning us about the cataclysm we are causing with our carbon…

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