Epic Response To Being Called Deplorable

Along with millions of Americans, I was called deplorable last Friday night by Hillary Clinton. Appearing with fellow traveler Barbara Streisand at a fundraiser that saw wealthy progressives spend as much as $250,000 per plate, Clinton said “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.”

But wait, there’s more. “Now, some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America,” Hillary judged millions of Americans.

We’ve listened for months as Clinton and her parrots in the mainstream media ramp up their accusations of racism against Trump. Hundreds of times a day accusations of racism reverberate through the liberal media. The only problem is, there’s no evidence whatsoever that suggests Donald Trump is a racist.

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for forty years and has never been called a racist. When he became a Republican candidate for President accusations of racism began. The same is true of Trump supporters, the vast majority of whom were called racist for the first time in their lives by Crooked Hillary last Friday.

Calling Trump and his supporters racists is a political strategy utterly lacking in decency that’s been used by Democrats for decades. Whoever is the Republican candidate for president is automatically called racist. If Bobby Kennedy were running for office as  Republican, Democrats would call him a racist and the mainstream media would parrot the accusation ad infinitum.

Being accused of anything by Hillary Clinton is rich. She is the most corrupt politician in American history. Why in the world does her staff take the fifth when testifying before Congress? Why did Hillary tell the FBI she couldn’t recall 39 times in a three-hour interview? Why did Hillary delete 14,900 work-related emails? There is overwhelming evidence that Crooked Hillary is corrupt. That’s not in doubt.

It’s Time For The Truth About Deplorables

Accusations by Crooked Hillary and her media parrots that Trump supporters are racist, sexist, etc. aren’t true. What is true, is that calling millions of us deplorable turns out to be a rallying cry. Crooked Hillary has galvanized millions of Deplorables who now wear the name as a badge of honor. I’m proud to be deplorable, and so are millions like me. Now, just so we’re clear, here is A Trump Supporter’s Epic Response To Being Called Deplorable. You idiots in the media should write this down.

We believe in God, country, and family. We are patriots who love our country. We believe in truth and character, and we believe they are absolute, not flexible the way progressive moral relativists claim.

We believe government is bloated and out of control. We believe the political ruling class has become too entrenched and now only works to protect their privileged positions of power, rather than working for the American people. We believe they must be replaced for the good of the country.

We believe our mothers were right when they taught us that sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us. Americans have many inalienable rights, but the right not to get your feelings hurt isn’t one of them.

We believe political correctness is not naturally occurring. It was engineered by cultural Marxists as a political weapon, and it is complete and utter bullshit.

We believe the culture of victimhood that is the modern Democratic Party is ridiculous and Democrats should stop fostering the competition of victims. It’s harmful and it’s no way to run a country.

We believe America should have protected borders, with real border security and a strong national defense. America is a sovereign nation that can and should decide who gets to come here as immigrants. Immigration should be controlled and only people who offer more to America than they will take from America should be allowed to come here.

We believe immigrants who don’t intend to assimilate into our society shouldn’t be allowed entry. We believe that the United States is a lifeboat, but we have limited capacity. We believe that no one has a right to come here.

We believe US immigration policy worked before it was hijacked by Democrats in 1965 to be used as an electoral weapon to gain a permanent electoral majority. We believe that Democrats who keep our borders open to achieve that end are deliberately harming America.

We believe sanctuary cities are illegal, immoral and bad for America, and politicians who run sanctuary cities should be prosecuted, they are breaking the law. We believe that illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to anything, especially entitlements.

We believe immigration policy should always be looked at through the lens of what’s best for American citizens, not what’s best for would be immigrants.

We believe voter ID laws don’t discriminate against anybody, and lawsuits by Democrats claiming otherwise are disingenuous. We believe that anybody who opposes voter ID laws does so because they intend to cheat. We want all citizens, and only citizens, to be able to vote, and then only once. Democrats who accuse us of trying to suppress the vote are liars.

We believe veterans should be treated better than anyone else in our society. We believe that the VA is a ridiculous government agency that is failing and costing veterans lives. We believe that veterans who die because of corrupt VA officials were murdered. We believe that no immigrant should ever get better care or better benefits than veterans.

We believe political correctness, microaggression, trigger warnings, safe spaces, virtue signaling and checking your privilege are all bullshit.

We believe there are two genders and there should be two bathrooms to serve them. Even idiot liberals can figure out which two we mean. We believe the notion of self-identifying as one gender or another and that it changes from time to time is ridiculous.

We believe climate change is a hoax that was conjured up to solidify control over the electorate and provide cover for massive cronyism and redistribution of wealth. We believe Al Gore is an asshole.

We believe weaponizing the FCC, EPA, DOE, FEC, NLRB, DOJ and IRS to attack conservatives is treason. We believe that government employees should never take the fifth. We believe the president, senators, representatives, cabinet officials and all government employees should be subject to the same laws as the rest of us. They work for the people, not the other way around, and they better start acting like it.

We believe the Republican establishment sold us out. They have become ineffective sissies too afraid of being called racists by the Democrats and media to aggressively fight the liberalization of America.

We believe the mainstream media has become the PR firm for the Democratic Party as more than 90% of the media fawn over Clinton and attack Trump continually. Make no mistake, the American people are beginning to see the media bias every day.

Finally, we believe in Making America Great Again with every fiber of our being. It’s the best idea we’ve heard in decades and all the better that it came from a non-politician. We also believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with the concept of Making America Great Again is a complete and utter moron. These beliefs, while not all encompassing, explain us pretty well.

We are proud to be deplorable and every single one of us deplorables passionately believes that electing Donald Trump is the only hope of saving our country. Hillary’s attack has made the enthusiasm gap a whole lot wider. As you can see from the photo, we’re going to need a much bigger basket.

Trump Supporters Love Being Deplorable

  • Jane

    Fantastic!! I’m adorably deplorable and voting Trump for my children’s future and for my country.

    • Thank you, Jane. I’m Deplorable too and damn proud of it! Don’t be a stranger, I sure could use more readers and commenters like you! Make America Great Again!

    • Thank you, Jane. I’m Deplorable too and damn proud of it! Don’t be a
      stranger, I sure could use more readers and commenters like you! Make
      America Great Again!

Trump Supporter’s Epic Response To Being Called Deplorable

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