Fake People Qualify For ObamaCare With Subsidies GAO Report


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has run a test of Healthcare.gov, also known as ObamaCare which reveals startling flaws in Obama’s signature legislation; fake people qualify for ObamaCare with subsidies.

The test of the system was not a high tech, stress the system kind of test. Quite simply, the GAO went to the multi billion dollar website and enrolled fake people. Pretty simple. Not surprisingly, ObamaCare doesn’t work. Not only does the most expensive website in the history of the world allow fake people to enroll for health insurance benefits, it happily provides them with taxpayer supported subsidies.

Further still, fake people qualify for ObamaCare with subsidies and qualify for automatic renewals. The ObamaCare system automatically renewed 11 out of the 12 fake enrollees. Fake ObamaCare enrollees were able to sign up for subsidized plans and to renew them for a second year, the government’s top watchdog reported Wednesday, exposing embarrassing holes and potential fraud in President Obama’s signature health care law.

The Government Accountability Office said 11 out of 12 fictitious applications it filed as a test were approved for plans on HealthCare.gov last year and were to have been paid a total of $30,000 in taxpayer handouts. All 11 were able to re-enroll automatically in their plans for this year, too, meaning the administration didn’t weed them out in the second full year of the health care exchange operation.

ObamaCare Exchange officials managed to flag six of the fake applications for termination this year, but GAO investigators were able to reinstate coverage for five of them anyway.

In one case, the Obama Administration seemingly detected that there was a problem with one of the fake people enrolled in subsidized ObamaCare and sent a threatening letter to the fake person. Nothing happened. The fake person didn’t reply to the letter and the fake geniuses in the Obama Administration allowed both coverage and tax credits to continue.

“Not only does this negligence enhance the likelihood for abuse of taxpayer dollars, but it also calls into question the legitimacy of the health law’s enrollment numbers and challenges the integrity of the website’s security checks,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch.

It’s the latest black eye for Obama’s health care law and for an administration riddled with scandals and cover-ups at the IRS, the Office of Personnel Management, the State Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs, to name just a few.

The GAO test provides further evidence that Obama is more interested in doling out benefits than ensuring that the hundreds of billions of dollars at stake will go to the right people.

“Last year, this committee warned that weaknesses in HealthCare.gov could put billions of taxpayer dollars at risk, and the GAO undercover review has confirmed our concerns,” said House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican.

The GAO said its experiences with fictional customers was “illustrative” but should not be used to generalize about the overall population of applicants and enrollees. Why not. Obama has lied about everything having to do with ObamaCare so I’ll go ahead and generalize if I feel like it.

ObamaCare is a ridiculously flawed system. Countless billions of dollars has been pissed away faster than anything but global warming alarmism while the Liar in Chief continues to lie about both. When the accounting on ObamaCare is all said and done, don’t be surprised if it would have been cheaper to get a private physician for everyone who was uninsured.

The HealthCare.gov website serves 37 states without their own health care exchanges. As of June, the administration counted 10.2 million paying customers in the Obamacare marketplace. About 8.7 million received subsidies. A far cry from the 30 million uninsured Obama and the democrats like to bandy about.

GAO investigators created the fake enrollees, giving them bogus documents including Social Security numbers, proof of income and citizenship. They proved to be “no barrier to obtaining taxpayer-funded credits,” Mr. Bagdoyan says in testimony prepared for Thursday’s hearing.

The Health and Human Services Department said its online verification systems thwarted the investigators’ initial attempts to enroll, and that applicants must attest to information they provide under the penalty of perjury. Holy crap. They are bragging about this. What they’re saying is the administration would have caught those fake enrollees had the fake enrollees not been willing to lie when committing fraud.

Time to Google ExPat.

Fake People Qualify For ObamaCare With Subsidies GAO Report

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