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Democrats Now Actively Side With Muslims Against Gays


A radicalized Muslim terrorist attacked the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last Sunday, opening fire inside, shooting 100 Americans, killing 49 and maiming 51 more. The terrorist selected Pulse and the men he shot for no other reason than that they were gay. Islam requires that gays be put to death. That absurd and barbaric Muslim dogma didn't matter in America. Until now. But now, Muslim terrorists and radicalized Muslims are being empowered and protected by their submissive enablers in the Democratic Party, and championed by a president who can't submit fast enough to every Muslim that comes along. Because the Democratic Party has become…

Google Manipulating Search Results To Help Hillary


Overview Of Google Manipulating Search Results To Help Hillary When search engines manipulate search results to help or hurt political candidates or races it is voter manipulation, and it violates the public trust. High tech voter manipulation like this is an Orwellian attempt to subvert our democracy. This kind of hidden evil has never occurred to most of us, but it's time we start thinking about it, because Google is manipulating search results to help Hillary Clinton. Google's voter manipulation should cause an immediate end of the public trust in Google. Whenever we use a search engine like Google, Bing…

Will Mainstream Media Cover Hillary Clinton Honestly?


Will Mainstream Media Cover Hillary Clinton Honestly? The American mainstream media has fawned over Hillary Clinton for the better part of 30 years, and for three decades the liberal media has universally supported, favored and rooted for Hillary. The one notable exception was the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination. In their rush to swoon over Obama, the liberal media dropped Clinton like a hot rock. The media enthusiastically supported Hillary's run for the White House in 2008, until Barack Obama came along with higher ranking victimhood than Hillary in that collection of disparate victim groups known as the modern democratic party.…

Clinton Rape Victim Slams Hillary And Mainstream Media


Clinton rape victim Kathleen Willey was so incensed watching CNN anchor and notorious idiot Chris Cuomo interview Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump she has penned an open letter that publicly destroys Cuomo and CNN. Her goal is to make sure CNN and the rest of the mainstream media understands the issue of Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assaults on women from her perspective as a victim, along with the war Hillary waged on women. Perhaps she'll even teach young women that real rape is not the same as rape culture. Idiot CNN Anchor Begins Trump Interview With Hostility The interview…

Army Reverses Discharge Of Sgt Charles Martland


In an article I wrote in October, It's Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army, I detailed how Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, a decorated Green Beret, was being involuntarily discharged from the Army for shoving a corrupt Afghan police official who was repeatedly raping a 12 year old boy on a US military base in Afghanistan. Army Reverses Discharge Of Sgt Charles Martland The army's plan to discharge Sgt 1st Class Martland was all but done until Martland enlisted the help of California Congressman Duncan Hunter, who is no stranger to helping American service personnel. It seems whenever American service personnel are wronged…

Obama Is Betraying America By Protecting Islamic Terrorists


Obama Is Betraying America By Protecting Islamic Terrorists Radical Islamic terrorists are a grave threat to US national security. A Gallup Poll conducted in early March reveals that 48% of Americans worry a great deal about future terrorist attacks in the US, so the threat of Islamic terrorism is clear to Americans. But both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama go to absurd lengths to downplay the threat. Neither reacts to terror attacks the way you would expect an American leader to react; confident in America's strength and determined to defend America at any cost. Far from confident or strong, Obama and Clinton prefer appeasement. Rather than…

Obama Claims The Right To Violate Immigration Laws


Barack Obama claims the right to violate immigration laws and the power to decide which laws he wants to enforce. These statements are absurd, on their face, but they are what the Obama administration will argue before the US Supreme Court on April 18 in United States v. Texas. The federal district court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals have both ruled against the Obama administration, finding Obama's executive orders on immigration, known as DAPA, illegal and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will likely follow suit, eliminating the last possibility of saving DAPA. The most important issue likely to be…

Climate Change Scientists Trapped In Ice Again


Climate Change Scientists Trapped In Ice Again About two years ago, a boatload of climate change scientists headed to Antarctica to conduct global warming research. They did not complete their task. These climate scientists expected to find evidence that the sea ice was melting at a very rapid pace. We don't know if there was evidence to support their global warming theories, because the Antarctic sea ice was growing, not melting, and the climate alarmists got themselves and their boat thoroughly stranded in ice. There couldn't possibly have been a more fitting outcome. As scientists, they should be honest, they should objectively analyze data…

Obama Admin Fought Improving Government Transparency


Obama Admin Fought Improving Government Transparency The Daily Caller is reporting that the Obama administration, which is the self-described most transparent administration in history, lobbied against a bill that was introduced by Congressional Republicans which would have expanded FOIA and required more government transparency. according to emails and talking points obtained by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. To combat passage of the bill, the Obama administration utilized the Justice Department, the government agency which has done the most to shield Obama from justice relied on a set of talking points to defeat the legislation. The fight over reforming the…

How 50 Years Democrat Policies Destroyed America's Cities


This video objectively analyzes how 50 years of democrat policies destroyed America's cities. The democrat party has had uninterrupted political control of many of America's greatest cities for more than fifty years. In this video, entitled The Most Shameful Injustice, narrator Bill Whittle analyzes what happens to America's cities when you have fifty years of uninterrupted democrat leadership and democrat policies. As a case study, the video examines the City of Detroit, now the poster child for incompetent, dishonest government. Detroit was the most affluent city in America in 1960, so it provides a perfect example of how 50 years of democrat…

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