Happy Independence Day To All Americans American Experiment Continues


The American Experiment Continues

The American Experiment has been beat up and battered during these last four years. So, while the American Experiment is still alive, and while I am still permitted to do so, I would like to wish all Americans the very best on this very special day. Do not despair. The recovery begins November 6. That goes double for our servicemen and women in every branch of service. Thank you all.

I ask Chief Justice John Roberts to think about what you’ve done. You were wrong, Mr. Chief Justice, and I sincerely hope you never have to reap what you have sown.

To Barack Obama, I’d like to say, nice try. In your mind, I’d wager that you perceive yourself as the most successful President in history. After all, the destruction you have caused was intentional. What we now know, is that one term was not enough to defeat the American Experiment or America. Your 15 minutes is almost up, and on November 6, we can go back to the business of being Americans. Our American Experiment is beaten up, but not beaten.

Happy Fourth of July |  Scott Schaefer | IntelligentUSPolitics.com

Happy Independence Day To All Americans American Experiment Continues…

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