Hidden Clinton emails do exist as many of us have insisted in the last several months. When the story first broke in the New York Times on March 2, 2015 that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email account, hosted on a secret email server owned and controlled by the Clintons, the reason was immediately obvious. Hillary Clinton used a personal email account so that she and she alone, and not a government agency subject to Freedom of Information Act disclosures, would maintain control of her emails.

On March 4, 2015 Intelligent US Politics reported that the growing Clinton email scandal was justified because using a private email account while as Secretary of State means that Clinton violated numerous federal laws. Specifically, Clinton violated Federal record keeping laws, Federal security and cyber-security laws and Freedom of Information Act laws.

Clinton was silent on the issue, avoiding the public and the media. She decided to hide out until the fervor blew over, preferring instead to have the usual Clinton surrogates like Jame Carville and Sidney Blumenthal make public appearances and statements to deflect the pressure away from Hillary. After all, these were tried and true methods of weathering scandals which were perfected by Bill Clinton.

But the fervor kept increasing and Hillary Clinton was forced to hold a press conference on March 10 when pressure from the media and her allies became too intense to stay in hiding. Hillary made several points in the press conference that she wanted all Americans to know, the most important of which were lies.

First, Hillary claimed that she elected to use just her private email, rather than a US government email, for the sake of convenience, so she wouldn’t have to carry two iPhones, Blackberry or other devices, one for State Department business and one for personal business. This is a lie on its face. Anyone who has ever had an iPhone, Blackberry or any other smart phone knows that you can have multiple email accounts on one device. In fact, she could have had dozens of email accounts all on one device. She was lying and everyone in the media knew she was lying.

In 2011, as Secretary of State, Clinton sent a cable to ordering the use of government email accounts for all State Department employees. Clinton knew, as early as 2011, that her use of a private email server and private email account was illegal.

Hillary claims that she provided all of her work emails, totaling some 55,000 pages, to the State Department when requested. After conducting an exhaustive process of reviewing all of her emails, she said she had “identified all work related emails and delivered them to the State Department.” She then erased her private email server, because no one wants their private emails made public. We additionally have a written assurance from Clinton attorney David Kendall in a letter from Kendall to Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi dated may 4, 2015, that all emails had been delivered to the State Department. Kendall said “Thus, you can be assured that the State Department has a complete set of the e-mails that were in Secretary Clinton’s possession related or potentially related to her work as Secretary of State.”

As we have since seen, these were lies. Hillary and her attorneys were too clever for her own good. When you analyze all of the Clinton emails, which we have been assured constitute all of her work related emails, you find that there are gaps of several months when there are no emails. In order to believe Hillary and her attorneys, you have to believe there were periods of time while she was Secretary of State where she neither sent nor received one single email. This strains credulity.

Hillary assured us that she had provided every one of her work related emails to the State Department. That is an inherently risky statement, because it opens the door to being easily disproved. If even one Clinton email were to materialize that she had not turned over to the State Department, it would constitute prima facie evidence that Hillary Clinton is lying about her emails and that hidden Clinton emails do exist. More than one such email has surfaced.

Last week, dozens of hidden Clinton emails materialized and were delivered to the House Select Committee on Benghazi by the attorneys for Clinton insider Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal testified last week, but the testimony has not yet been made public. The document production the day before his testimony includes some 60 hidden Clinton emails that were not turned over to the State Department.

These emails constitute absolute proof that Hillary Clinton has been lying about her emails from the start. These 60 or so hidden Clinton emails have been released by the House Select Committee on Benghazi and can be read in their entirety here.

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Hidden Clinton Emails Prove Hillary Is Lying

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