Hillary Lying About Classified Emails, She Blames Classification Rules

I wrote the first draft of this article last Friday, August 21, but wasn’t quite ready to publish it. That is a terrible mistake when you’re covering Hillary Clinton. Lies, cover-ups and obfuscation from Clinton, Clinton surrogates and media types who are providing cover for Hillary can come so quickly that a perfectly good article can become dated. I have now had to rewrite the article twice because the Clinton spin machine has been hard at work.

The Clinton email scandal seems different from previous Clinton scandals of the last 20+ years — that’s including Bill and Hillary. In the past, they just seemed more adept at cover-ups. This time, every explanation, nuance and parsing of words just seems hollow and ineffective, like nobody is buying it. Partly that’s because Hillary doesn’t have Bill’s panache for spinning and she doesn’t have Bill’s charisma. Every time she makes an appearance with a new excuse, she is robotic and you can almost see her nose grow right before your eyes.

This story also isn’t going away like so many past Clinton scandals. There seems to be a new revelation every few days, so Hillary and her minions aren’t getting the opportunity to use the old that’s old news excuse. On the contrary, each new revelation about Hillary’s personal, unsecure email server has proved to be more devastating to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign than the one before.

This time is no different as the Clinton campaign took another beating last Friday concerning Hillary’s emails. The latest set-back for Clinton was dealt by the Reuters news agency which found 17 emails sent from Clinton’s unsecure personal email server that were “born classified” proving once again that Hillary lying about classified emails. That is, the nature of the material contained in the emails was such that it is classified as soon as it was written or spoken.

Since the Clinton email scandal went public in March, Hillary has paraded out a series of excuses, explanations and denials about her use of a personal, non-secure email server to conduct America’s diplomatic business. However, all Clinton email scandal excuses have proven to be demonstrably dishonest.

Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton used the old vast right wing conspiracy excuse and blamed Republicans for her email scandal woes. Last week she blamed the federal government and its “ridiculous classification rules.”

This latest Clinton email scandal excuse represents another new messaging strategy. Hillary Clinton tweeted last Friday morning about her email woes, claiming that ridiculous government classification protocols are “the real problem.”

Clinton has made several claims about the receipt and transmission of classified material on her personal, non-secure email server. Hillary’s explanation is a moving target, subject to the vagaries of public polling, but try to follow along.

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First Clinton Position On Classified Material On Her Personal Non-Secure Server

When the scandal first became public in March, Mrs. Clinton said that she never sent or received classified material through email. That was proven to be a lie when the State Department announced that it was unable to release some of Clinton’s emails because they contained classified material.

Second Clinton Position On Classified Material On Her Personal Non-Secure Server

After her first explanation proved to be a lie, Clinton claimed that the classification was added after the fact, and she had not received or sent emails that contained material that was classified when she had received or sent it. This too was proven to be a lie when the Intelligence Community Inspector General found two emails containing top secret information in them that was classified at the time they were sent.

Third Clinton Position On Classified Material On Her Personal Non-Secure Server

After Hillary was found to be lying, yet again, she changed her excuse line to be that she had not received or sent emails that were marked as classified when she had received or sent it. It is no excuse to say, as Mrs. Clinton did, that emails were not marked classified when sent or received. The laws are concerned with the sensitivity of information, not the sensitivity of the markings on whatever may contain the information. This excuse has now also been proven to be a lie by Reuters.

The State Department placed a 1.4(b) redaction on some of Clinton’s emails upon their release, a code that covers the foreign government information category. In one of those emails, a British official who worked for David Miliband, then British foreign secretary, told Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, that his boss “very much wants the Secretary (only) to see this note.”

The next five pages of the email were redacted. But as Reuters found, information shared with US officials by foreign governments is automatically presumed to be classified when it is generated. That’s especially true when a foreign official shares information on the condition of confidentiality, which appears to be the case in the exchange between the British official and Abedin.

Fourth Clinton Position On Classified Material On Her Personal Non-Secure Server

Again, as with all of her previous excuses for using a personal, non-secure email server, and her repeated claims that nothing classified ever passed through her server, her last excuse proved to be a lie. This time, the Clinton spin machine offered us the weakest, most feeble excuse yet. Those darn rules about classified material and top secret material. Well, they’re just too restrictive and confusing. Well, darn.

We can’t blame Hillary for misunderstanding all of those darn classification rules that just over-classify everything, can we? Yes we can. We can and should expect the Secretary of State to adhere to all of our classification rules and keep all important communications, whether marked classified or not, secure.

That something so obvious could have eluded Mrs. Clinton raises questions about her suitability both for the office she held and for the office she seeks. For Hillary to subject herself to the scrutiny and, frankly, the ridicule she has endured over her email scandal, you’ve got to believe the material she deleted was far more damning. It was so sensitive that it likely cost her the presidential nomination, but we’ll never know.

Hillary Lying About Classified Emails Blames Classification

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