Progressive Political Strategy Thwarted By Federal Judge

Barack Obama and much of the democrat party leadership is pursuing a long-term progressive strategy that uses illegal immigration to add several million new democrats to the voter rolls. Their plan, provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens who can then be converted into democrat voters. Because Obama has been unable to get comprehensive immigration reform done, he has had to revert to taking small, incremental steps to achieve the goal.

The latest of those steps used an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. But, Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants was found to be unconstitutional by Federal Judge Andrew Hanen who enjoined the administration from granting amnesty. In the zeal to advance his progressive agenda, Obama violated the court order and granted amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants. Worse still, the Administration lied to the judge about it.

Judge Hanen was none too pleased with Obama and his lawyers, and issued a ruling barring the administration from issuing any more amnesty orders. The order also forces the Obama administration to get every amnesty order back from the illegal aliens who received them by July 31, even if that means going door to door to get them. The Obama administration only has 3 days left to comply with the court order.

Illegal Amnesty Revocation Proves Difficult

Getting amnesty orders back from illegal aliens who thought they got the golden ticket is proving difficult. Rescinding amnesty orders is being made harder still by Hispanic rights advocates who are protesting the Obama Administration’s actions to rescind the amnesty orders. They don’t feel that illegal aliens should be punished for the Obama administration’s mistake.

Their pleas come with only three days left to comply with the court order. To comply with the order, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson must prove to the court that he has rescinded all of the roughly 2,600 amnesty orders that were issued by his department in defiance of Judge Hanen’s injunction. I expect there will be hell to pay if the Administration again fails to comply with the order.

Politically Correct Insanity

Illegal immigrants–who have no legal right to be in the United States–are now protesting because the amnesty they received from Obama was found to be unconstitutional and they have to give the amnesty order back. Illegal immigrants feel they shouldn’t be punished because Obama screwed up.

Hispanic Groups Protest Illegal Amnesty Revocation

But the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, who opposes illegal amnesty revocation, sent a letter to Jeh Johnson Friday saying it is “irrational” to cancel amnesties for Dreamers, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients, because of a government error.

“An expectation for individuals to comply with less than two weeks’ notice is frankly unacceptable and is likely to result in individuals failing to return their EAD by the July 30 deadline,” the organization said. “Furthermore, the threat to terminate DACA status for affected individuals who do not return their three-year EAD unfairly penalizes DACA holders for the Administration’s error.”

US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Homeland Security agency that administers the program, repeatedly has tried to ask the 2,600 to return their botched cards, but as of the middle of July only about 1,200 had done so. The agency did not appear to budge over the weekend, saying it is sticking with its plans. The agency did not say how much progress it has made in the first week of door-to-door canvassing.

Obama announced his expanded amnesty for illegal aliens in November, making millions more illegal immigrants eligible for the amnesty he announced in 2012. At the time, Mr. Obama also announced the amnesty would expand from two years to three years — including for Dreamers who qualified for the initial 2012 program.

Judge Hanen issued an order February 16 halting the expansion, but government officials told him they already had processed more than 100,000 three-year amnesties between November and the time of the injunction. The government later announced it had processed 2,600 three-year amnesties even after the injunction.

Judge Hanen ordered that the second group of amnesty orders be revoked and expressed shock at the Obama Administration’s cavalier attitude toward violating his order. Judge Hanen has said if the issue isn’t resolved to his satisfaction by July 31, he will demand Mr. Johnson appear personally in his courtroom next month to answer.

Illegal Amnesty Revocation Deadline Looms For Obama Administration

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