It’s Time For Conservatives To Stop Worrying And Love Trump


In much the same way it was time for Ronald Reagan in 1980, it is now time for Donald Trump. Conservatives who bemoan many of Trump’s positions and complain that he is not a pure conservative are getting in his way. In that, they are wrong.

Trump is the embodiment of conservatism. He is also the embodiment of American exceptionalism and the embodiment of the American dream. Hell, Trump is the poster boy for everything we believe in as conservatives. Trump is also the last best hope for America. Sound crazy? It’s not. You see, the America I grew up in, the America I still fiercely love, has been under attack for five decades. For 50 years liberal creep has ebbed away at everything America stands for or, at least, used to stand for. America is unrecognizable after the all-out assault of the last six years and will be gone forever if Trump doesn’t save it.

That’s not melodrama, it’s the truth. Conservatives don’t fully understand the damage that has been done to America by Barack Obama. Worse still, Obama is hurting America deliberately, and he’s not done. America is rocketing towards earth like a plane falling from 40,000 feet, but the pilot isn’t trying to pull up, he’s leaning on the throttle. Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid and the entire gaggle of Washington democrats are inflicting more damage every day and it’s accelerating. Time’s up for America.

Conservatives who sit around bemoaning Trump’s lack of conservative purity are eggheads who are doing nothing to save us. If the father of modern conservatism, William F. Buckley, was here right now and running for President, he couldn’t hope to save us, but he was smart enough to know that Trump could.

Conservatives who belittle, criticize and play gotcha with Trump are arrogant, self important fools. They’re not helping. I lost all respect for Hugh Hewitt this week. Hewitt played gotcha with Trump on his radio show and simultaneously proved his superior knowledge of the subject matter and his role as a condescending egghead who isn’t helping to save us. Hewitt distinguished himself as a third rate journalist, as Trump thankfully pointed out.

Not one of the conservatives who act like Trump is a sideshow and condescendingly criticize his lack of understanding of the way things work, has earned the right to criticize Trump. Nowhere is that more true than with the Republican Party establishment. They condescendingly claim that Trump will hurt the Republican brand. They had their chance to save America and failed miserably. If that’s their best, their best won’t do.

Republican party insiders probably meant well when they first got there. But they have become part of the permanent ruling class, and are now part of the problem. That became evident when Eric Cantor spent as much on steak houses as Dave Camp spent on the entire primary campaign that beat him. The party leaders sold us out to ride in first class. What they haven’t yet grasped is that they are on the Obama plane that’s rocketing towards the ground. Their time is up.

Trump is smart. Few will argue that. He is one of the smartest guys around, unlike so many of the empty suits of the political ruling class. I’ve known many who are part of the Republican establishment. None of them is as smart as Trump. Lack of conservative purity be damned, I’ll take smart any day. Almost everything that ails this country can be fixed with smart.

Trump is also tough, unlike the entire command structure of the Republican Party. All conservatives – and most Americans – loved it when Ronald Reagan famously pushed back, saying he had paid for that microphone. It was a great moment for Reagan. Trump’s popularity is skyrocketing because he delivers moments like that every day, not because he practiced it, but because he lived it. Trump doesn’t get pushed around. God knows we need a President that doesn’t get pushed around.

If the party purists at the RNC were doing their job, America wouldn’t be on the self destructive course Obama has charted. Face it, the Republican establishment who calls Obama’s deal with Iran a surrender can’t even see the fact that they surrendered to Obama before he surrendered to Iran. Trump will do neither, surrender isn’t in his DNA.

Rock solid were my beliefs and my commitment to conservatism. I embraced Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. These were conservative candidates I could really get behind. Get behind they did. They got behind Trump. It took me two months, but I learned to stop worrying and love Trump. Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and many other conservatives have, and the list grows longer every minute.

It became crystal clear to me the night of Trump’s rally in Alabama. The first man in line was interviewed. He had driven from Florida for the event. It isn’t a campaign, he said, Trump is a movement. Those sentiments mesh perfectly with the sentiments expressed in the unofficial Trump theme song in the video. We’re not gonna take it anymore.

It’s time for conservatives to stop worrying and love Trump. And watch the video, it speaks volumes.

It’s Time For Conservatives To Stop Worrying And Love Trump

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