Keystone XL Pipeline Blocked By Corrupt Democrats


Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from energy rich Canada down through the Continental United States will help secure America’s energy independence, create thousands of high paying jobs and help to lower the price you pay at the pump. Keystone XL is not pumping oil into America’s veins right now because construction of the pipeline is being blocked in Washington. More specifically, Keystone XL is being blocked by corrupt Democrats.

We have known for years that Keystone XL is being blocked by the Obama Administration in an obvious attempt to placate the environmental left. There have been numerous environmental impact assessments performed and all of them have recommended construction of the environmentally safe pipeline. Obama isn’t honest enough to openly reject Keystone XL, because he doesn’t want to anger Americans starving for high paying jobs. Instead, Obama continues to delay Keystone from going forward by requiring new environmental impact assessments. The only assessment that’s needed right now would study the damage Obama is doing to the US economy.

The most recent environmental assessment of Keystone XL was just completed by the State Department. This environmental assessment, which took two years to complete and cost several million dollars, confirmed all of the previous assessments; the Keystone XL Pipeline is safe and should proceed. Although this should clearly be the final step toward the pipeline’s approval, Obama and the left are bent on killing the project by endlessly delaying it, so they’ll no doubt require some lengthy new study. After all, they only need to delay until Keystone gives up and sends its oil to China instead of the US.

Preventing Keystone XL and the thousands of jobs it would create and the energy resources it would provide, with no valid reason, other than politics is political corruption. But we are now discovering that Democratic political corruption is more direct than that. We now know that corrupt Democrats are blocking construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline for personal financial gain.

Democratic officials have invested in companies that directly compete with the Keystone XL Pipeline, according to public records. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, Democrat from Virginia, is attempting to block Keystone XL. Despite the State Department’s environmental impact assessment that clearly recommends approval, the Democratic Senator opposes the pipeline.

Keystone XL Blocked By Corrupt Democrats Protest

“In my view, there is now enough evidence to conclude that construction of this pipeline is not in America’s long-term interest,” Kaine said in direct contradiction to the State Department’s recommendation. But Senator Kaine is not impartial. In fact, public records show that the Democrat from Virginia is an investor in Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. Kinder Morgan is looking to build a pipeline that would directly compete with Keystone.

Kinder Morgan is considering expanding its Canadian pipeline infrastructure with an expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which carries oil sands crude from Alberta to refineries and export terminals on Canada’s west coast. Preventing construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline directly benefits Kaine.


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