The progressive ruling class of the EU is at it again, having the language police ban politically incorrect words throughout the European Union. This time the language police banned the words deport and deportation, because progressives believe that politically correct word choice is more important than the real world events those words describe.

Presumably, the words deport and deportation were banned in order to coddle the delicate Muslim immigrants who have invaded Europe. It’s absurd to believe that the mood of Muslim immigrants who find themselves being deported from Europe will somehow improve when they find out they are being removed, not deported. Regardless of the politically correct word choice, those immigrants are still on the same boat home.

Hillary Clinton And American Progressives

Hillary Clinton and the progressive ruling class in America play the same game. Speaking at the commander-in-chief forum this week, Hillary Clinton said that American combat troops will never, ever again be sent to Iraq. To a progressive like Clinton, that statement makes sense because the 6,500 American combat troops already on the ground in Iraq aren’t really combat troops after all. They are military advisers. That means that if she were elected president, she could send more military advisers to Iraq, because they aren’t combat troops. Lying about American troops is okay with Clinton and her supporters, as long as she keeps virtue signaling by saying no more combat troops.

Muslim Terror Activity August 2016
Muslim Terrorist Attacks 203
People Killed by Muslim Terrorists  1637
People Injured by Muslim Terrorists 1734
Suicide Blasts by Muslim Terrorists 29
Countries Impacted 33

Barack Obama, the head progressive in charge, banned the phrase Islamic terrorism from the entire executive branch of government. Websites, blogs, documents, books, guides and more were all scrubbed to remove the phrase. As a result, there is more Islamic terrorism than ever before, and we have an impossibly difficult time of describing it because we can no longer use the words that used to work perfectly.

Yet, somehow, progressives believe they are more virtuous than me because they don’t use certain words anymore? Words that were fine for centuries?

During the month of August 2016 there were 203 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. What do progressives tell the families of 1,637 people killed by Islamic terrorists in August. Nevermind, I’m sure they’ll blame a video.

John Kerry Takes Progressive Dishonesty In New Direction

Last week I watched Secretary of State John Kerry make a statement so breathtaking in its dimwittedness I had to flee the room in horror. He took the same progressive theory of politically correct words a step further. Kerry said he wants the media to stop covering Islamic terrorist attacks all together. If the media stopped covering terrorist attacks, he reasoned, then people wouldn’t know about them, and that would be better.

My first thought was how the hell did we get these two secretaries of state in a row. First Clinton, who lies more than Joe Isuzu, and then this moron. Kerry is a master of the universe, billionaire, secretary of state and former United States senator. How could he possibly be this dumb? Somebody really should explain to this idiot that just because a terrorist attack isn’t covered on TV, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Then again, he might actually believe that Saddam was winning the war while he had Baghdad Bob around.

Kerry’s ridiculous statement proves that progressives are uniquely positioned to believe that changing words serves to change reality. Barack Obama banned the phrase Islamic terrorism from the entire executive branch, but that didn’t reduce terrorist attacks, did it?

Language Police Ban Politically Incorrect Words In Europe

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