Free Web Page And Free Internet Ad For Local Small Businesses


We have just finished celebrating the well deserved National Small Business Week.  A yearly chance to pay respects to the hardest working men and women in America; small business owners.  This important event provides a forum to honor entrepreneurs who inspire us and who make up the foundation of our society.  More than 27 million small businesses in America have stayed the course, and kept the country afloat through the recession which has weighed so heavily on America for the last three years.

Small businesses are the economic engine which drives the country.  Neither the government nor Wall Street drive job creation in America; small business does.  According to the American Small Business Administration, there are 27.2 million small businesses in the United States who employ roughly 50 percent of all working Americans.  They also account for more than 60 percent of the new jobs which are being created in the United States.

Many people dream of owning their own businesses and of enjoying the rewards which may accompany a successful endeavor.  Many dream of the job flexibility, or the satisfaction that comes of being your own boss, or the gratification one gets by controlling your own financial future.  More than 27 million Americans have done more than dream it, they did it.  They turned their passion into a profession, took a chance, risked their capital and worked hard.

Pursuing the chance to improve their lot in life means that these enterprising individuals - who were brave enough to chase their dream and go out on their own - have the honor of working sixty hour work weeks, wearing every hat their organization requires of them.  Daunting is the task of acting as CEO and as clerk; personnel director and cleaning staff; chief financial officer and bookkeeper; and the buck really does stop with them.

But, with the right idea, a good business plan, a passion for what you do, and strategic partners that add value, it can be very rewarding.

In honor of National Small Business Week, Lexington Development is trying to lighten the load they carry by providing local small business owners a Strategic Marketing Analysis absolutely free.  Lexington Development will demonstrate that we are a strategic partner that adds tremendous value to your organization at remarkably affordable prices.  As a strategic marketing, website and networking partner, Lexington will lead the way in moving your marketing and advertising plans – and your business – to the next generation.

And, as a special offer for local entrepreneurs, Lexington Development will create and host - free of charge - a custom web page on our highly successful LexingtonWiki to help local businesses enhance their brand, and we’ll create and run a free internet ad for the rest of 2011 absolutely free.  This offer applies to all small businesses within ten miles of our Frisco Texas location who Contact Us by June 15.  That's more than $1,200 in free marketing and advertising services for any local small business, free of charge.

Please join me by honoring the 27 million inspiring, hard working men and women in America who are pursuing and defining the American dream.

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