Obama Administration Helping Illegal Aliens Unionize


Fox News reported today that congressional investigators have uncovered another ploy by the Obama administration to help bring illegal immigrants into the United States and to confer upon them heaps of benefits, at the taxpayer's expense.

This time the Obama Administration is teaching foreign workers lessons on union organizing. As if unions weren't already enough of a problem here, now Obama wants organized illegal immigrants.

The National Labor Relations Board has entered into agreements with Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines to teach workers from those countries what their rights will be in the United States when it comes to union activity.

The agreements reportedly don’t distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants. If the distinction were made, the lawless Obama administration would have a more difficult time explaining the expenditure of taxpayer money to create unions of illegal aliens.

Lawmakers are worried it’s part of an effort to shield illegal immigrants specifically, by encouraging them to seek union protection.

NLRB spokeswoman Jessica Kahanek explained to Fox News that under the National Labor Relations Act, “employees, whether documented or undocumented, are protected from retaliation due to union or other protected concerted activity."

That means employers could be charged for dismissing an illegal immigrant worker – if the firing is determined to be tied to the worker’s union activity. So now US employers will have to put up with the left playing the union card as well as the race card.

These revelations are due to leaked materials, because, once again, the Obama Administration is hiding their subversive activities.

An NLRB official, though, disputed the notion that the agreement was a "new development or something that was intentionally being kept out of the news." No, of course not.

While this may serve as a way to boost union membership at a time when their numbers are trending downward, one activist said it will likely hurt U.S. citizen union members in the end. Even that doesn't seem to bother Barack Obama.

Obama Administration Helping Illegal Aliens Unionize

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