Obama Claims ObamaCare Cost Less Than Cell Phone


Obama Lies About ObamaCare Cost

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center Saturday night. While extolling the benefits of ObamaCare less than 10 days before the opening of the new Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplaces, Obama lied about ObamaCare cost claiming that "you can offer your family the security of health care ... for less than your cell phone bill."

The president was referring to a tweeted claim made earlier this week by Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that said, "Nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans will get covered for less than $100/month starting Jan 1." As noted at the time, Sebelius's claim was based on a press release from HHS that said that six in ten uninsured "may be able to get coverage" for less than $100 per month, a claim that looked even more dubious under closer examination.

Speaking to the most committed faction of his base, Barack Obama doubled down on the lies he has espoused for the last four years. This time, one week before the roll-out of ObamaCare, Obama makes the claim that millions of Americans would soon have comprehensive healthcare coverage for less than the cost of a cell phone bill. So much for being presidential... or honest. #ObamaLies

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