Obama Is Betraying America By Protecting Islamic Terrorists

Radical Islamic terrorists are a grave threat to US national security. A Gallup Poll conducted in early March reveals that 48% of Americans worry a great deal about future terrorist attacks in the US, so the threat of Islamic terrorism is clear to Americans.

But both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama go to absurd lengths to downplay the threat. Neither reacts to terror attacks the way you would expect an American leader to react; confident in America’s strength and determined to defend America at any cost. Far from confident or strong, Obama and Clinton prefer appeasement. Rather than taking on the terrorists who are the problem, they have their sights set on convincing Americans to accept Islam.

Conditioning Americans To Embrace Islam

The effort to convince Americans to accept Islam is relentless. So relentless, in fact, that we now expect Clinton or Obama to lecture Americans about the horrors of Islamophobia while continuously reminding us that blaming Islam for Islamic terrorism is “not who we are as Americans.” The messaging in these staged lectures is designed to shame Americans, and it’s always delivered within hours of a terrorist attack.

The shaming of Americans from the podium is repulsive to me and most Americans. It is also so counter-intuitive that the only conclusion we can reach is that Obama is betraying America by protecting Islamic terrorists.

Even with highly persuasive speaking skills, his pompous lectures alone are not enough to condition Americans to embrace Islam. But, Obama has plenty of help. Complicit in the efforts to brainwash us are a support group of progressive democrats, pro-Muslim organizations, pro-immigration groups, unions and the liberal media, all collaborating on the strategic brainwashing of America.

The strategy to brainwash Americans by repeatedly shaming them is well executed. Obama utilizes toned-down press conferences waxing philosophic and delivering statements like “Islam is the religion of peace,” to condition us. In each shaming presentation, Obama is also guaranteed to condescendingly remind us that “America is not at war with Islam.” The frequency at which Obama praises Islam is extreme.

While I always appreciate that little reminder, I am also savvy enough to know it doesn’t matter, because radical Islam is at war with us. In downplaying the real threat posed by radical Islam, Americans are made less safe.

Obama And Clinton Appease Muslims And Won’t Say ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’

Terrorist groups now attack the west so frequently, Obama has a podium permanently reserved for his shaming lectures. Yet, despite his bully pulpit, the words Islamic terrorism are conspicuously absent from Obama statements, even when the subject is Islamic terrorism. Hillary Clinton is equally resolute in refusing to name our Islamic enemy.

Obama and Clinton both fully embrace a policy of appeasing Islamic terrorists. Even casual observers frequently note that Obama bows to Muslims faster than the French can surrender Paris. Their refusal to say radical Islamic terrorism, along with their commitment to appeasing our enemies is unprecedented, and utterly dangerous for America.

Obama is so committed to appeasement and a refusal to say radical Islamic terrorism, that he’ll do anything, even insult world leaders. With every passing day, he looks more and more like Neville Chamberlain.

When Obama met with French President François Hollande last week at the White House, Hollande used the phrase radical Islamic terrorism in his statement. But, before the video was uploaded to YouTube, Obama had the words radical Islamic terrorism deleted from the audio. This is dishonesty of the highest order.

There are hundreds of documented examples that prove that Obama, Clinton and liberal democrats have no interest in defeating radical Islam. We could go back to the first day of the Obama administration and cite them all, but we’ll just stick with a few more current examples that are still fresh on our minds.

Obama Outsources Response To Islamic Attack On Charlie Hebdo In Paris

We started analyzing US responses to terror attacks with the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris last year. Obama minimized the attack every time he spoke and did not go to Paris with most western leaders aligned against terrorism. Ultimately, Obama outsourced the US response and sent singer James Taylor to Paris with John Kerry to sing You’ve Got A Friend for French officials.

Though it was ridiculous to even casual observers, empty gestures like this are common for Obama, Clinton and every progressive democrat. To the left, words and gestures are just as important, if not more important than action. Words and empty gestures complement their policy of appeasement perfectly.

Islamic Terrorist Kills Four Marines In Tennessee

Four US Marines were killed and a US Navy sailor was seriously wounded when two military recruiting offices in Chattanooga Tennessee were attacked by a Muslim terrorist. Barack Obama was unwilling to call it an act of terrorism. Instead, referring to it as a “heartbreaking circumstance,” he cautioned Americans not to jump to conclusions.

The administration scrambled to define it a mass shooting rather than a terror incident. US soldiers were killed on American soil and the courageous response from the Obama administration was to forbid Marines from wearing their uniforms at military recruiting stations so as not to antagonize Muslims further. We won WWII and the Cold War, but now marines can’t to wear their uniforms.

Obama Administration’s Bold New Antiterror Strategy

A bold new Obama administration foreign policy strategy was rolled out some months ago. The courageous #NotAllMuslims hash tag campaign is designed to convince Americans that only a small percentage of Muslims want to kill us, not all Muslims. #NotAllMuslims, even if it were true, won’t stop a terrorist attack. But, stopping terrorism isn’t the goal, making us more comfortable with Islam is the goal.

However, this strategy just serves to mask how bad this problem really is. It is fiction to say that only a small fraction of Muslims believe America is their enemy. Haven’t you ever wondered why we never hear outrage from moderate Muslims following terrorist attacks? It’s because Islamic sentiment towards America and the west is much worse than we are led to believe.

Recent polling conducted in Muslim countries and countries with substantial Muslim populations provides insight into how many Muslims condone terrorism. With more than 1.65 billion Muslims worldwide, even the most optimistic estimates reveal there are more than one hundred million Muslims who believe terrorism, killing, raping and enslaving are all acceptable in the name of Allah. Nineteen percent of US Muslims also condone terrorism. The statistics are alarming when you remember there are 3 million Muslims in the US, and 2 million of them migrated to America in the last 8 years.

Muslim Terrorist Attack Against US Diplomatic Outpost In Benghazi

The inability to state that Islamic terrorists are our enemy, the fear of offending Muslims, the continual defense of Islam in the wake of every terrorist attack and the utter weakness that infects the Obama administration are the forces that caused Clinton and Obama to abandon the US diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya on Sept 11, 2012.

In the lead up to the actual attack, the US diplomatic outpost in Benghazi asked then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for additional security more than 60 times. Hillary Clinton’s State Department rejected every single request. Moreover, less than two weeks before the September 11 attack, Clinton reduced the security detail that was already on station.

When the attack came on September 11, 2012 Obama and Clinton failed to act to protect our people, which resulted in the deaths of four brave Americans, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. They sent a drone that allowed them to watch the events on the ground in Benghazi in real time.

They did not send an armed US response team to save our people. Even when US Central Command sent an urgent email to Secretary Clinton, telling her the armed response team was “spinning up as we speak,” That flight was never launched because Hillary never responded to CENTCOM.

Obama and Clinton were too busy cooking up a cover story for Benghazi to actually send help to save our people. On the evening of September 11, while the attack on the Benghazi compound was still underway, Clinton released a statement that blamed an unknown internet video that was offensive to Muslims, claiming the video caused violence to erupt during a spontaneous demonstration.

At the time Clinton released the statement, she already knew that Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamic terrorist group, planned and carried out the attack, and that no internet video was an inciting event.

Obama and Clinton blamed an irrelevant internet video for the attack on the US compound in Benghazi, because the video was offensive to Muslims. Rather than blame radical Muslim terrorists the administration deflected responsibility to a villain that offended Islam. In so doing, they twisted the story to make Islam seem like the victims rather than the murderers.

FBI Website Combating Radicalization Doesn’t Mention Islamic Terrorism

The Obama administration’s cowardly inability to confront America’s enemies is widespread. Sadly, it has now even infected the finest law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI. A new website that was created by the FBI for the express purpose of deterring American youth from joining extremist groups never once mentions the threat from fundamentalist Islam.

It is impossible to believe that the FBI made that big a mistake, especially in light of the fact that more than 123 Islamic jihadist attacks have been carried out worldwide, killing more than 1,400 people in just the last 30 days. It’s far more likely – I’d call it a mortal lock – that the FBI is following Obama’s orders to withhold all references to Islam and Muslims from their radicalization site.

Degrade And Someday Maybe Defeat The Islamic State ISIS

Obama initially referred to ISIS as the junior varsity, somehow conflating an army of savage killers with a basketball team. When ISIS finally cut off enough heads, public pressure forced Obama into action, saying we would “degrade and, ultimately destroy ISIS.” My wife asked me what he meant by degrade, wondering if degrading ISIS meant telling them they look fat in those pants.

Although it was a joke, her quip illustrated the lack of seriousness involved in the Democrat’s strategy for dealing with ISIS. After all, we have to remember that after his 6 minute statement about the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS, Obama went straight from the press conference to the golf course.

Obama is now prosecuting a war against vicious Islamic savages who cut off people’s heads with far less passion than he routinely displays attacking Republicans. Muslim barbarians are committing genocide against Christians, throwing homosexuals off of buildings and beheading any who disagree with them and Obama is dispassionate about defeating them.

Obama has cobbled together a make believe coalition of 60 countries to bring the force of the world against ISIS. The story line that Obama’s bold leadership brought 60 countries together in solidarity is actually more important than military success to this administration. Progressives don’t care for individual achievement. To them, there is success in coalition.

A straightforward look at the fight against ISIS easily proves there aren’t 60 countries involved. There aren’t 60 countries interested enough to send us a postcard about ISIS. To Obama, the more time we spend building a coalition is time we don’t spend actually fighting.

The reality is the United States is conducting 85 percent of the bombing strikes against ISIS. Look closer and you see that our airplanes return to base with bombs still under the wings in 85 percent of our bombing runs. We aren’t bombing ISIS nearly as much as the administration claims.

The Obama administration has established Rules of Engagement so restrictive that it’s very tough to actually blow anything up. The rules limit the military to zero collateral damage. No innocent Muslims are to be killed in the prosecution of this war.

Secondly, the White House is directly involved in picking targets and approving the targets the Pentagon picks. I daresay that the community organizers in the White House are woefully lacking in the skills it takes to effectively target the enemy, especially when none of them even has the stones to call them an enemy.

With Rules of Engagement prohibiting all collateral damage, there is very little meaningful bombing. We can’t bomb ISIS oil caravans because truck drivers might be innocent Muslims. We can’t bomb ISIS oil facilities because there might be environmental impact. In the end, what’s most important to Obama is that we don’t kill Muslims. Who cares if we defeat ISIS.

Terrorist Attack In San Bernardino, California

In December, there was an Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino California. Obama’s contribution to the discourse was much of the same, with the added twist of making the FBI withhold the declaration that it was a terrorist attack for several days. In the interim, democrats joined together in advancing their usual gun control rhetoric.

It was more than a week before Obama acknowledged the attack was carried out by Muslim extremists. Hillary Clinton, for her part, was the first prominent democrat to jump into the fray, tweeting while the attack was still in progress. Why the haste? Because Hillary couldn’t wait to condemn gun violence, believing the attack was carried out by a crazy with a gun.

Hillary did not want to miss the opportunity to hammer the gun control issue before anyone else stole her thunder. Of course, when the attack turned out to be Islamic terrorism, Hillary remained oddly silent. Guns she hates. Muslims she loves, so she just went silent.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Promises To Prosecute ‘Anti-Muslim Hate Speech’

Speaking at a dinner hosted by a Muslim civil rights organization in the week immediately following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Attorney General Loretta Lynch touted the Justice Department’s work investigating anti-Muslim hate crimes and working as an advocate for Muslim communities whose efforts to build or expand mosques have been stymied by local opposition.

That the Attorney General made these comments less than a week after so many Americans were murdered by Muslim terrorists is contemptible. Worse still, Lynch stated her intent to prosecute hate speech against Muslims. She seems to have forgotten that freedom of speech is protected in America. Perhaps she should concern herself with combatting terrorism, instead.

Pushing Back Against Increasing Syrian Refugee Immigration

After the attack in San Bernardino, Republicans began speaking out against Obama’s policy of inviting Muslim migrants. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on Islamic immigration, until the vetting process could be improved. The vast majority of Republicans agreed.

The backlash from the left was so extreme, you’d have thought Republicans wanted to kill all the puppies. They were called Nazis by the mainstream media. Obama said Republicans were cowards for being afraid of widows and orphans.

The message spread like wildfire through the liberal media: nobody can say mean things about Muslims. Disagree with the pro-Muslim left and you’ll be labeled Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist by the democrat party apparatchik and their cohorts in the media. It also became crystal clear that Muslims were quickly becoming an unofficial protected class.

Progressive Attempts To Criminalize Dissenting Speech

Muslims are gathering with increasing frequency to chant Death To America with increasing ferocity. But the community organizers who populate the Obama administration are quick to point out that the hordes of Muslims chanting Death to America don’t really mean it. If you’re concerned about this, you’re an Islamophobic racist who should be prosecuted for hate speech.

Attacks by the left against dissenting voices are beneficial to Obama, Clinton and the democrats. They have a quieting effect on discussion or criticism of anything related to Muslims. That provides a great deal of cover for the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Benghazi investigation, investigations into the illegal sale of weapons to Libya that were approved by Hillary and a litany of other issues they don’t want us talking about.

Obama Is Protecting Islamic Terrorists And Betraying America

With the rise of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria, terrorists have a base of operations from which to attack western European and the United States with increasing regularity. Terrorists are flooding into Europe with the Muslim migrants sweeping across the continent.

One just need look at Europe to see what waves of Muslim migration have done to the continent. Despite that unmitigated disaster, Obama continues to push for wholesale Muslim migration to the US. That is in addition to the 250,000 to 280,000 Islamic migrants who have been allowed entry to the US every year since Obama took office.

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, Obama is betraying America by protecting Islamic terrorists, and it is a serious problem. If you’re still not concerned I implore you to take a few minutes and watch this YouTube video montage about Barack Obama and Islam. You should find it alarming. If you’re still not sold, take a look at the website The Religion Of Peace to dispel any notion you may have that Islam is peaceful.

Obama Is Betraying America By Protecting Islamic Terrorists

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