Obama Lying About Benghazi Says Testimony And Video


Obama Lying About Benghazi

Sworn testimony before Congress, along with a previously unreleased video tape recovered from the US consulate in Benghazi provide overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama is lying about Benghazi. The cover up engineered by Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that began the night four Americans were murdered while serving their country is an embarrassment to the country and should be a crime.

Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed in a terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Now, newly available evidence absolutely contradicts the lies Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, and their spokespeople have been feeding to the American people. For several weeks after the attack, a ridiculous and dishonest story about a YouTube video had Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lying about Benghazi. Obama and Clinton are still lying about Benghazi.

There is a new security camera that apparently survived the attack outside the consulate in Benghazi that provides about 50 minutes of security camera video that survived from the consulate. The most important element of the video is that it does show some of these Islamic jihadists flooding into the compound, and you can see them in profile and this data point shows that its terrorism and that these faces are being matched to known jihadists.

The bottom line is that once again this video shows that there was no demonstration outside the consulate when the attack happened as we were told by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Therefore, this idea that it was a demonstration that was hijacked by terrorists that spun out of control.

Both the White House and the State Department saw this video surveillance. In fact, Obama is lying about Benghazi because he saw the attack in real time. Instead of acting to save the Americans who came under attack, Clinton and Obama did not act, choosing to keep military rapid deployment security forces from going to their rescue. The inaction by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is despicable, and should be a crime.

Now there’s surveillance video from the compound which shows an American drone watching the attack as it happened. Clinton and Obama knew it was a terrorist attack and Obama is lying about Benghazi because of the impact it would have had on the election. His re-election was far more important to Obama than were the lives of Americans who were serving their country.