Dishonest Obama Bailout Wastes $26 Billion


In case it slipped by you last week, the Central Committee – that’s how I’m going to refer to the union of Obama and the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate, in honor of the old guard socialists from the Soviet Union – passed another emergency bailout bill.

I wouldn’t have believed there was another emergency so urgent that an emergency bailout of $26,100,000,000 was so urgently needed. Did I get the number of zeros correct? Yup, eleven digits. Another eleven digits in a long line of massive Obama bailouts forced down our throats as an emergency. The Central Committee spent this $26 Billion of  taxpayer money so fast that they didn't even have time to give the bill a catchy patriotic name.

Don’t you feel slighted, I feel slighted.  The Dear Leader – that’s  how I’m going to refer to Obama, in honor of that ridiculous communist pygmy that runs North Korea - and the Central Committee are spending another $26 Billion of our money on another bailout, and they’re doing it without a catchy name. Glenn Beck, a man always willing to sacrifice for the good of the country, kindly suggested that we call it The Affordable Jobs Act For American Loving Americans Going Back To Work At Their Job And Sick Kids Too Act.  Humble thanks to Glenn Beck for that one, I wasn’t creative enough to devise a name nearly as clever. From now on, the Central Committee should be required to give a catchy name to anything – say – over a billion dollars; I think that’s fair.

On the bright side, without a catchy patriotic name, we at least won’t have to endure any absurd roadside signs telling us that this or that was paid for by this emergency bailout bill. Hell, they spent $60 Million on signs from the last emergency bailout.  That made me wish I was the official royal sign maker, or whoever it was that benefited from that $60 Million earmark. But, I digress.

Obama is fundamentally changing America again with another massive bailout bill.  Again the Dear Leader is doing so with absolutely no transparency, just as we’ve come to expect since the disingenuous socialist moved into the White House.  The Central Committee didn’t even bother expending effort trying make this bailout appear transparent. Apparently, $26 Billion didn’t meet the minimum threshold required for their usual dog and pony show.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical, after all, it was an emergency.

To draw another irrefutable similarity, Barack Obama is fundamentally transforming America much the way Franklin Roosevelt did.  Roosevelt’s solutions to the emergencies of his time transformed a recession into the Great Depression.  America is still burdened with many of those solutions seventy years later.  Obama, like Roosevelt, is instituting solutions which have and will continue to make this recession much worse than it would otherwise be.  Will America still be burdened with Obama’s solutions seventy years from now?

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Scott Schaefer

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