In another shocking display of petulance, combined with the wanton disregard for the safety of Americans, Barack Obama steps over bodies of gay men to approve Muslim immigrants in the 5 days following the attack in Orlando by a Muslim terrorist. The attack last weekend saw the senseless killing of 50 innocent gay men and left 50 more injured.

The callous nature of this action would indicate some horrible disconnect, but it’s not. Obama’s actions are not a mistake, oversight, miscalculation or tone deafness. They are the actions of a petulant little man whose talent for lying and deception are the only things that got him the job in the first place. He holds the office despite being utterly devoid of the class the office deserves.

Following the attack on 100 innocent gay men, Barack Obama was incapable of blaming Islamic terrorism for the attack, in general. He was equally incapable of blaming the radicalized Muslim with a history of hating America who actually did the shooting. Obama blamed Republicans, Christians, and gun owners for the attack; none of whom were involved in the slightest.

The truth, that a radicalized Muslim committed the attack, isn’t discussed by Obama, the Democratic Party, or the media because Muslims now hold the highest rank in the Democrats hierarchy of victimhood. It would also call attention to the fact that gays have become less important to Democrats than Muslims and gun control.

Obama steps over bodies of gay men to approve Muslim immigrants, approving 441 unvetted Muslim refugees in less than five days following Orlando, just as he stepped over the bodies of dead gay men on his way to the microphone to begin railing for gun control. These should be clear messages to the gay community that the left doesn’t have their back.

Obama’s credit taking, virtue signaling, and blame shifting expose the complete and total absence of the moral compass that should be required by the presidency. His petulance, dishonesty and lack of class combined with the obvious desire to destroy the country lead to the continuing immigration of Muslims who seek the destruction of America.

According to State Department immigration data, 441 Muslims were admitted to the United States in the five days after June 12, the day Omar Mateen murdered 49 people in a crowded Orlando nightclub. Ironically, 49 unvetted Muslims migrated to Florida that week.

We can only hope the LGBT community recognizes that their health and well-being doesn’t matter to Obama or the Democrats except as pawns to advance their agenda.

Obama Steps Over Bodies Of Gay Men To Approve Muslim Immigrants

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