An internal Obama Administration memorandum that outlines four new schemes that use executive orders to grant amnesty to 12+ million illegal immigrants has leaked. The courses of action outlined in the memo are a clear indication that Obama is planning actions that circumvent federal court orders that have blocked him from using executive amnesty orders. The document also offers a glimpse into the contempt Obama has for the federal judiciary.

Obama Taking Action To Circumvent Court To Grant Amnesty

Illegal immigration has been a hot issue in the 2016 Republican primary race and continues to emerge as one of the defining issues of the 2016 Presidential election. Last Monday, the federal judiciary weighed in on immigration when the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Obama Administration, upholding an injunction that stopped Obama from using executive orders to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. But, converting illegal immigrants, their parents, children and extended families into democrat voters is a cornerstone of the left’s pathway to power to let a Federal Appeals Court get in their way. Advancing the liberal agenda means Obama taking action to evade immigration court order.

An internal Obama Administration memorandum reveals Barack Obama taking action to evade immigration court order. Obama’s new executive amnesty scheme — actually multiple schemes — attempts to circumvent federal court orders that have blocked him from granting amnesty to illegal aliens. As I wrote previously, Obama was blocked from using an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants by Federal Judge Andrew Hanen.

In his zeal to create millions of new democrat party voters, Obama ignored the court order and issued amnesty orders to thousands of illegal aliens. Legal problems for the Obama Administration worsened when lawyers for the Administration lied to the judge, assuring him that no amnesty had been granted. This angered Judge Hanen, who then ordered the Obama Administration to get every amnesty order that was issued back from the immigrants, even if it meant going door to door to do it.

This memorandum will likely infuriate federal judges who have ruled that Obama’s previous attempts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants via executive order are unconstitutional. Among the angriest will undoubtedly be federal judges in the Fifth Circuit who have more than once admonished Obama for attempting to illegally grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Those same judges have also chided the Administration for lying to the courts in an effort to hide the fact that they were acting in direct contravention of court orders.

The memorandum, first reported in The Hill, is also sure to enrage an already distrusting Congress that has witnessed Obama repeatedly violate the constitution while continually attempting to render the legislative branch irrelevant.

Despite the previous court rulings that have found Obama’s executive actions illegal, it is clear that Obama is planning additional executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. The memorandum also provides a clear indication of Obama’s disdain for the rule of law and the authority of federal courts.

Outlined are four schemes, each with a slightly different target group of illegal immigrants based on the different scenarios that were cooked up by the Administration to rationalize the granting of amnesty to the various groups. Regardless of group or rationalization, each of the schemes violates the Immigration & Nationality Act, a law that Obama is desperate to get around.

Despite the level of detail involved in rationalizing each scheme and the research and commentary which is present for each, none of the schemes once mentions border security, sanctuary cities or crimes that are being committed on a daily basis by illegal immigrants. Nowhere does the memorandum once mention American citizens who have been murdered by illegal immigrants. Nowhere does the memo mention Kate Steinle.

Barack Obama and the rest of his lawless administration should start protecting Americans and stop spending their effort trying to manufacture new democratic voters.

Obama Taking Action To Evade Immigration Court Order

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