Restoring Honor Continues Hope For Refounding America


On Saturday, August 28, 2010, Fox News personality Glenn Beck hosted the Restoring Honor Rally at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. The rally was billed as a non-political, non-partisan event and Beck was, as usual, a man of his word. During the last several months, after Beck announced the rally, he told audiences of his highly rated radio and television shows to “bring your kids, but leave your signs at home.”

The rally was a free event and no tickets were sold. Donations were accepted all of which benefitted the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a worthy an honorable cause, if ever there was one. The mission of the SOWF is to provide full scholarship grants and family counseling for the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in combat.

Restoring Honor took place on the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famed speach at the same location: the Lincoln Memorial. Beck paid tribute to King, man he clearly admired, and spent most of the day surrounded by priests, ministers and clergymen of all faiths, many of them black, all of them believers in Beck’s message.

True to his word again, the rally was about restoring honor, the specific message from Beck was restore honor in yourself, and embrace the principals of Faith, Honor and Charity. The mainstream media was unable to understand these concepts and – as usual – continued their quest to make Beck the most hated man in America. It is impossible to find a subject of media coverage in America that is so consistently and deliberately misreported by the mainstream media as is Glenn Beck.

I watched and read misrepresentations in the news about Restoring Honor which boggle the mind. One article claimed it was hate-speach; it was not. CBS News has declared a crowd estimate of 87,000; the actual attendance was just slightly over 500,000. The crowd, which began gathering Wednesday at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial for Saturday’s event extended to the base of the Washington Monument, one mile away.

Another grotesque misrepresentation came from the Reverend Al Sharpton, quite an accomplished liar, who should be ashamed of himself. Sharpton felt compelled to hold a competing rally, which he called ‘Reclaiming the Dream” at the same time as the Restoring Honor rally because he said Glenn Beck would ‘Hijack the Dream.’

Close your eyes and picture Sharpton saying it, in that tone he throws around so casually, as the self-aggrandizing, self-appointed protector of all things African American. The fact remains, however, that Sharpton is a liar. By the way, Martin Luther King’s neice, herself a member of the clergy, attended and was a featured speaker at Restoring Honor. Apparently Sharpton didn’t get word to her in time that she is supposed to hate Beck; or maybe he did and she had the character to dismiss him.

The media hates Beck much the way they hated Ronald Reagan, and for the same reasons. He delivers a simple healthy honorable message to Americans, and the media just doesn’t get it. Worse still, the media rejects Beck, as they did Reagan before him, because he delivers that message too effectively. He is so effective, like Reagan, because it is a message in which he passionately believes. Golly, I hope the mainstream media hates me too, because I intend to consistently deliver the same message as both Beck and Reagan and, like them, it is a message in which I passionately believe.

True to form, many in the media misrepresented attandees as an angry mob. They who do so are lying. It is perhaps, remarkable, that even with 500,000 or more people in attendance, there wasn’t one single incident or arrest and that has been confirmed by the DC Police.

The mainstream media will continue to mis-report Restoring Honor and will continue to misrepresent Beck. What they havent noticed as of yet, is that Beck’s audience of watchers, listeners and followers grows daily. Oh, they’ve noticed the increasing numbers and it scares them. What the media does not understand is that they are partly responsible for the growing number of Beck fans because of their continuing hate coverage.

Thank you, Glenn Beck, for your continuing devotion and tireless work for such a worthy cause: Refounding America. I for one, accept the challenge. I encourage all Americans who believe, as I do, that the Time For Choosing has come. Join Us

Restoring Honor Continues Hope For Refounding America

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