Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army


It’s Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army

If you don’t know the name Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, you should. In fact, his name should be a household word. SFC Martland is a decorated Green Beret who is, by all accounts, exactly the kind of man we want defending our country. He has served with distinction in the Army for more than 11 years, but he will be involuntarily discharged on November 1.

This highly decorated, career special forces soldier is being kicked out of Obama’s Army. It seems Sergeant Martland committed a heinous infraction, one for which there is no forgiveness, no accommodation in Obama’s Army. He is being discharged from the Army because he shoved a corrupt Afghan police official who was repeatedly raping a 12 year old boy. The police official is a Muslim pedophile who kidnapped the boy, raped him repeatedly and decided to keep him as a sex slave, so he chained the boy to his bed. That way he could continue raping the boy at will.

The boy’s mother tried her best to secure his freedom. She complained to the rapist/kidnapper’s superiors, but unfortunately they did nothing. She confronted the rapist/kidnapper directly in an attempt to free her little boy. But the child rapist was having none of it. Instead of freeing the child, he savagely beat the woman.

Because the boy was being raped and was imprisoned on a US military base, and having nowhere else to turn, the boy’s mother appealed to the US Army for help. This story made its way to Sergeant Martland and his detachment commander, Captain Daniel Quinn. These two highly decorated special forces soldiers did exactly what every American who reads this article would do under the same circumstances. They confronted the child rapist and demanded that he release the boy.

The child rapist, who is a corrupt Afghan police official, admitted all of the crimes and perverse acts we have outlined in this article and laughed at the two Americans who confronted him. When he laughingly refused to release the boy, Sergeant Martland shoved the child rapist sending him to the ground. SFC Martland showed tremendous restraint when he didn’t kill this pedophile.

Sergeant Martland and Captain Quinn really had no choice in the matter; their path was set. After all, the men were Green Berets, whose motto is De oppresso liber, which means to liberate the oppressed. Martland and Quinn did the only thing they could do under the circumstances, liberate the oppressed. At this point in the story, most of you should be expecting to hear that Sergeant Martland and Captain Quinn received commendations. At any other time in our history, even as recently as six years ago, you’d have been right. That’s exactly what would have happened.

But, this isn’t any other time in our history and this is Obama’s Army. In Obama’s Army, you expend whatever effort is needed to integrate gays into the military. In Obama’s Army, you expend even greater resources insuring the smooth integration of transvestites into the military. Hell, in Obama’s Army, the Army even pays for sex change operations for transgenders.

What you don’t get in Obama’s Army is loyalty or support from your Commander-in-Chief. In Obama’s Army, the men aren’t protected in any way. In Obama’s Army, hero soldiers who liberate the oppressed aren’t commended. In Obama’s Army, the Commander-in-Chief predictably aligns himself with Afghan child rapists instead of decorated Green Berets. In Obama’s Army, Sergeant First Class Charles Martland has been kicked out of the service. But don’t worry, Obama’s Army is safe for gays, transvestites and corrupt Afghan child rapists.

Apparently, our Commander-in-Chief believes that when corrupt Afghan police officials rape and beat little boys it is a cultural thing that gives powerful Afghan men improved stature among their peers. So as not to slight them, our Commander-in-Chief has decreed that our military not interfere with it.

Military Personnel Told To Look The Other Way For Afghan Pedophiles

Recently allegations have surfaced that troops in Obama’s Army have been told to look the other way, despite the rampant sexual abuse and enslavement of little boys by Afghan men in power. As a result, decorated American soldiers cannot do what their conscience demands. Instead, they are forced to look the other way.

Little boys who are kidnapped and raped by Muslim pedophiles has apparently become so commonplace that one American marine said “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it.”

During his deployment, Sergeant Martland encountered corrupt police officials who were raping, beating and honor killing with impunity. Worse still, they were doing it on US military bases. When a corrupt police official repeatedly raped a 12 year old boy who was chained to his bed, and then beat the boy’s mother, Sergeant Martland had had enough. “My detachment commander and I felt that morally we could no longer stand by and allow our ALP to commit atrocities,” he said.

Numerous reports from other soldiers, covered extensively in The New York Times, point to the existence of a strict policy mandating non-interference with local Afghan culture. Part of that culture includes the rape of boys by powerful men.

Martland is being drummed out of Obama’s Army for doing what every single one of us believes he should have done. Every single one of us except Barack Obama, who believes Martland should be out November 1. Clearly Obama favors Afghan child rapist over a decorated Green Beret. Martland is a career soldier, but his career has been destroyed because he did the moral thing and saved a little boy from a child rapist.

Congressman Duncan Hunter Intervenes In Support Of Martland

Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army Congressman Duncan Hunter

California Congressman Duncan Hunter is no stranger to helping American service personnel. It seems whenever American service personnel are wronged or harmed in Obama’s military, Duncan Hunter is the one member of congress that is always willing to help. Martland recognized this about Congressman Hunter and enlisted his help.

Hunter is himself a former Marine and is one of my favorite members of Congress. He is a first class guy who goes out of his way to help American military personnel. His role in this regard is becoming increasingly important as the Commander-in-Chief becomes ever more biased against American service personnel. Martland contacted Congressman Hunter’s office and asked for help.

After learning the facts in this case, Hunter acted quickly in support of Sergeant Martland. He wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter and asked the Secretary to intervene on behalf of the sergeant. In the letter Hunter stressed the quality of the character references he had collected about Martland and pointed out his spotless military record, but for one blemish. That being the altercation with the Afghan pedophile.

“It’s sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators,” Hunter said in a statement on the Army’s decision to discharge Martland. “The Army should stand up for what’s right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer.”

Republican Members Of Congress Introduce House Resolution

Two Republican members of the House of Representatives joined forces Wednesday and have introduced a resolution in the House demanding that Sergeant Martland be reinstated. The House resolution is non-binding, but would send a strong message to the Pentagon.

Republican Representatives Vern Buchanan and Duncan Hunter are insisting that SFC Martland, a war hero, not only remain in the service, but that he receive a commendation for his actions. Martland’s attempt to appeal the discharge failed, which prompted Representatives Buchanan and Hunter to introduce the House resolution.

“Driving Sgt. Martland out of the Army for standing up for American values is a national disgrace,” Buchanan said in a statement. “Now is the time for the US House to demand Sgt. Martland be reinstated for his honorable actions in defense of innocent children.”

“The only people who should be punished are the ones who condoned a policy of ignoring child rape on a U.S. military base,” Buchanan said. “It’s bad enough if we were ignoring this type of barbaric and savage behavior, it’s even worse if we are punishing American heroes who try to stop it.”

Hunter said that there’s evidence to suggest the Afghan police commander faked the severity of his injuries to make sure that Martland received greater discipline from military superiors. Perhaps what’s most troubling about the incident is that it encourages silence and cooperation with noxious practices and discourages the retention of high-quality troops.

This story, while tragic, is just another in a long line of Obama actions that deliberately harm the United States in order to advance his liberal agenda. This one is particularly heinous, because Obama and the democrats always seems to enjoy harming the US military.

Shocking Why Obama Kicking Green Beret Out Of Army

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