Democrat kingmaker George Soros is a long-time Clinton supporter and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s super PAC. He controls and funds hundreds of left-wing politicians and organizations through his Open Society Foundations, a series of non-transparent foundations and NGOs. In the US, his foundations have organized and funded left-wing organizations that seek to destroy America like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. Soros is also spending millions hiring professional anti-Trump protesters to initiate violence at Trump campaign events.

Documents Reveal Soros And Clinton Using Muslims To Pursue Global Agenda

Following the same model that is overwhelming Europe with millions of violent Muslim immigrants, Soros  and Clinton using Muslims to pursue global agenda. Soros got Barack Obama to increase the flow of Muslims migrating to the United States and has gotten Hillary to agree to an additional 500% increase in Muslim migrants. Soros is the architect of the Muslim invasion of Europe, largely controlling hordes of violent Islamic migrants. When the subject of Syrian refugees was criticized by Donald Trump last year, Soros launched a bid to keep Muslim refugees flowing.

Usually operating in almost total secrecy, the recent hack of the foundations prove that Soros, Obama, and Clinton share a global agenda that depends on establishing the violence and rape culture brought to Europe by the Muslims as the new norm. The strategy, which has Europe burning, provides him with extensive global opportunities to manage and profit from global migration.

Leaked documents from Soros’ Open Society Foundation provide the roadmap behind the manipulation and control of the Muslim invasion of Europe. With the help of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Soros is selling America short and hopes to repeat the phenomenon of violent Muslim migration here in America.

Global Strategy Eliminates Free Speech And Bans Criticizing Muslims

To advance the Islamic invasion of Europe, Soros is working aggressively to clamp down on free speech through a campaign to censor language in the European parliament. The leaked documents reveal a strategy to enact legislation that characterizes anti-Muslim language as hate speech punishable by imprisonment.

Under the heading of equality and anti-discrimination, the documents provide insights into how the foundation operates and it’s relationships with politicians. Not only is the foundation trying to put a stop to populist parties, it is also actively training socialist members of the European parliament to quell the will of the people. The report states, “OSEPI organized a follow-up training session for Socialist MEPs on how to counter xenophobic populism in the parliament.”

The report admits to actively trying to shut down free speech in the European parliament. “Further meetings of OSEPI and ENAR5 took place with MEPs to advocate the re-drafting of the parliament’s rules of procedure to prohibit and sanction hate speech,” the report reads. Hate speech can be a broad topic, with many unable to define the limits of what constitutes hate speech.

New Laws In Europe Ban Anti-Islamic Facebook Posts

Newly enacted laws in Germany, that were secretly backed by Soros, ban the criticism of migrants. German authorities are raiding homes to enforce the legislation, which prohibits criticizing or insulting Muslims. German citizens who have posted anti-Muslim material on Facebook are being jailed because the government has decided the opinions being posted can be considered hate speech.

Soros And Clinton Using Muslims To Pursue Global Agenda

George Soros funds and controls hundreds of left-wing politicians and organizations through a network of non-transparent foundations and NGOs known as the Foundations For Open Society. The foundations within the Soros/Open Society network are generally considered the least transparent in the world. Thus, for decades Soros has hidden in the shadows and has avoided being scrutinized. The hackers who recently hacked the Soros and Open Society computer networks, publishing the documents they acquired, have provided startling insight into Soros evil goals and methods.

George Soros is an open borders globalist and the closest thing to a James Bond villain you’re ever going to find. Soros funds progressive politicians, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and is perfectly comfortable with shady, criminal and even terrorist groups.

Beginning in 1944 as a Nazi collaborator, Soros sold his countryman out to Nazis, which is not entirely dissimilar to the way he does business today. Worth $9 billion when Obama took office, his net worth has skyrocketed to almost $30 billion, which he uses to destabilize governments and economies. Soros provided almost all of the funding for the Occupy Wall Street movement, as much as $100 million for the socialist Black Lives Matter movement, and funds numerous criminal community organizing groups. Soros and Clinton have also been organizing and funding many violent anti-Trump protesters.

At the request of the Obama Administration, Soros also secretly funded the echo chamber the Obama Administration needed to convince the press and the public to support the Iran nuclear deal.

Soros And Clinton Using Muslims To Pursue Global Agenda

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