Tea Party Targets Liberals From Both Parties As Their Power Grows


Unless you’ve been hiding your head in the sand – much like Tim Kane, Charman of the Democratic Party – the Tea Party is growing in both numbers and prominence every day. Many polls are indicating now that more Americans associate themselves with either the Republican or Democratic parties. Kane insisted the other day that the participation of the Tea Party in the mid-term elections this Fall will benefit Democratic candidates, but that’s because Tim Kane more resembles Pinochio than a party leader.

It’s no great surprise that Tea Party activists are expressing discontent with politicians with whom they disagree. Their discontent is particularly focused on politicians they view as too liberal, so it is certainly a target rich environment, and it seems no one is safe; they have no sacred cows. They seem just as critical of liberal Republicans as they are of liberal Democrats, it’s the liberals they are at odds with.

Now they have turned there ire against Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), which is no great surprise, except perhaps to Senator Graham. Graham is facing scrutiny from conservative voters who no longer view him as a representative of their interests, but rather as a politician, too liberal for their own good. In what is shaping up to be a mid-term election year that will, in all likelihood, set records for conservative gains in the House and Senate, Republicans viewed as too liberal face angry conservative voters who are fed up.

Graham isn’t dealing well with the criticism being heaped his way. In fact, it’s difficult to conceive of a response worse than the one issued by the Graham camp. In a prepared statement, responding to criticism that he is too progressive, a senior member of Senator Graham’s staff said,

“He’s a thinking person’s conservative. I expect him to do well among voters with IQ’s in triple digits.”

I don’t think I’d like being called stupid if I were one of Senator Graham’s constituents. His reaction to the criticism proves he is an arrogant ass, in addition to being a liberal. Lindsey Graham doesn’t philosophically differ much from the socialist residing in the White House. It’s time for Senator Graham to go. The Tea Party and the country have no use for Republican liberals is conservative clothing. He is an arrogant progressive who denigrated his constituents. Claim as he might, that he is a conservative, he cannot obfuscate his record, a record which clearly indicates long-term collaboration with Liberal Democrats.

We the people, don’t want our intelligence questioned and we certainly don’t want excuses; we simply want you to go, Senator Graham, along with the rest of the Washington liberals. We want our country back.