Ted Cruz Humiliates Sierra Club President With Global Warming Questions


Ted Cruz Humiliates Sierra Club President

Sierra Club President Aaron Mair testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday about global warming. Unfortunately for Mr. Mair that meant facing Texas senator and 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz for questioning. Cruz was more sedate and soft spoken than usual, a condition for which Aaron Mair should thank his lucky stars. I hate to think how Mair would have fared if Cruz were feeling aggressive.This video of Aaron Mair’s testimony about global warming illustrates, rather clearly, why the global warming alarmist crowd  refuses debate or discussion [simple_tooltip content=’Global warming alarmists are completely reliant on their strategy of declaring the science is settled and the debate is closed, because there has been no global warming at all for more than 18 years.’][/simple_tooltip] whenever possible. In this case, the president of the prominent environmental activist group delivered what I can only describe as the most humiliating testimony I’ve ever seen.

The Daily Caller said of Mair’s testimony, “The Sierra Club’s president got schooled on global warming science by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.” For my part, I came to the conclusion that Mair is either a liar or an imbecile.

Global Warming Not Up For Debate

The Sierra Club towed the global warming alarmist party line, saying in a written statement that the science of global warming is not up for debate. This statement seemed to irritate Senator Cruz, as it does me every time I hear it. Senator Cruz then asked Mair if it turns out that they’re wrong, would the Sierra Club issue a retraction? Mair said no, because 97 percent of climate scientists agree that man is causing catastrophic climate change.

Senator Cruz then asked Mair “if you want to end debates and not address the facts, how do you address the fact that in the last 18 years there has been no demonstrable warming whatsoever?” referring to satellite temperature data that proves there has been no global warming for more than 18 years. Mair’s reply was completely nonsensical, saying that they agree with 97 percent of climate scientists agree on global warming.

Cruz then asked “Is it correct that the satellite data over the last 18 years demonstrate no significant warming?” Mair said no. Cruz then asked how it was incorrect and Mair’s reply was that it was refuted long ago and is not up for debate. The temperature is apparently not the temperature and it’s not up for debate

Senator Cruz tried to discuss temperatures, which Mair was either unable or unwilling to do. No one in the global warming alarmist crowd ever address temperatures. The only number they ever refer to is a 97% consensus. Let us not forget that there was scientific consensus that the earth was flat and that Pluto was a planet. Consensus does not mean you’re right or accurate, it means there are a bunch of chuckle heads that all agree on the wrong answer.

It would stand to reason that global warming alarmists would love to debate the science of global warming with a climate denier like Ted Cruz and you’d expect them to cite temperatures all day long that support their position. If they were honest, that is exactly what they would do. But global warming alarmists are not honest. They never discuss temperatures because temperatures don’t support their climate change religion, whose members are trained to only refer to a bogus scientific consensus.

Global Warming Alarmists Incapable Of Honesty

The video of this testimony provides a very clear picture of just how removed from the truth climate change alarmists really are. The video is shocking. So how do they address 18 years without warming. The global warming alarmist crowd came up with a ridiculous theory to explain the prolonged period of no warming. They call it The Pause as a way to rationalize why their climate projection models have been abysmal. Global warming has not stopped, they claim, it has just paused.

The pause is well known to every global warming alarmist, because it is the pause that provides them with cover for being so wrong.

Cruz asked Mair if he was familiar with the pause. This is when things really headed south for Mr. Mair, leaving him looking like nothing more than a bobble-head. After consulting with his staff, Mair said he was familiar with the pause and that essentially, the Sierra Club rests on their position. When pressed to explain the pause, Mair stated that is was a pause in global warming during the 1940’s.

Anyone who is unsure of what they believe about global warming should take 5 minutes and watch this video. Then ask yourself why the global warming alarmists refuse to debate. The video really does expose the global warming alarmist crowd for their dishonesty and stupidity.

Key Takeaways On Global Warming

Remember a couple of things and you can be a climate denier, just like me.

  1. N0 legitimate scientist would declare the debate closed and the science settled.
  2. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.
  3. Global warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind.


Ted Cruz Humiliates Sierra Club President With Global Warming Question…

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