Socialist Strongman Hugo Chavez Dead


Venezuelan socialist strongman Hugo Chavez is dead. As for the good and bad of his death, it is too soon to tell. Depending on who rises to power to replace Hugo Chavez in the vacuum which has been caused by his death, we can’t yet pick winners and losers. We only hope that it will be the people of Venezuela who will most benefit from the death of the socialist dictator.

Beyond the Venezuelan people, it is our fervent hope that mankind as a whole will derive benefit from the death of Hugo Chavez. Throughout history, mankind has often benefited from the death of dictators.

Despite his status as an elected president, lest we forget that his initial rise to power was in a coup de tat in 1992. Hugo Chavez was, after all, a socialist who rewrote the Venezuelan constitution so he could remain president for longer.

Virtually every reform measure advanced by Hugo Chavez was, ostensibly, to benefit the poor and downtrodden. However, Hugo Chavez crushed critics, often jailing the more most outspoken of his critics.

Chavez also nationalized the Venezuelan media. After all, you can’t let an independent media stand in the way of your political agenda.

Chavez closely aligned himself very closely with dictators Fidel Castro and Raul Castro in Cuba. What was more alarming than his relationship with these anti-American communists was his close relationship with the rogue government in Iran and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which he continually advanced under the guise of their joint opposition to US imperialism.

However, Chavez had more than 4 million followers on Twitter, so there were many who supported him. In fact, Sean Penn very famously aligned himself with Chavez as has, apparently, at least one member of the US Congress.

Congressman José E. Serrano (D-NY) was a staunch Chavez supporter. Congressman Serrano’s website carried this message:

“Congressman José E. Serrano today mourned the death of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

I met President Chavez in 2005 when he came to my district at my invitation. His focus on the issues faced by the poor and disenfranchised in his country made him a truly revolutionary leader in the history of Latin America. He understood that after 400 years on the outside of the established power structure looking in, it was time that the poor had a chance at seeing their problems and issues addressed. His core belief was in the dignity and common humanity of all people in Venezuela and in the world.”

America is a wonderful place. After all, where else can you champion the cause of anti-American socialist dictators, and still be elected to the US Congress?

Socialist Strongman Hugo Chavez Dead

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