Video Destroying Hillary Emails At Clinton Estate


Video of Clinton Estate While Destroying Hillary Emails

Hillary Clinton has made quite a spectacle of herself and may well have destroyed her own Presidential candidacy with what has become known as the Clinton email scandal. The entire email debacle is Hillary’s own doing. No vast right wing conspiracy and no political witch hunt, just Hillary destroying Hillary emails, so it is entirely self inflicted. Well let’s give her dutiful staff some of the credit. As you’ll see in this video depiction of destroying Hillary emails, her industrious staff went at it hard.

In early March, after trying to get copies of Hillary Clinton’s emails related to the terror attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi Libya from the State Department for more than a year, with no success, Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi reviewed a copy of a Clinton email from another source and discovered that the email address for Hillary Clinton was not a State Department email.

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The House Select Committee on Benghazi dug further in an attempt to follow the email evidence and ultimately announced that Hillary had exclusively used a personal, non-secure email server for the entire time she was Secretary of State. When the news of Hillary’s private email server became public, she was silent for several days, hoping the story would blow over. It didn’t and Hillary was forced to make a public statement and the Clinton email scandal began.

Hillary Announces That She Destroyed Her Emails

Hillary Clinton held a press conference at the UN complex on March 10, 2015 to explain her private email account and server. What followed was the most fundamentally dishonest explanation imaginable. Everything Clinton said that day was a lie. What stuck with me most that day, was Hillary’s statement that she would not turn over her email server to the government – or anyone else – and that she had, in fact, deleted all of her emails from her personal server. That was it, period. We would never find out the truth about Benghazi.

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The only emails we we ever see from Hillary’s four years as Secretary of State would be the ones she had cherry picked, printed out and delivered to the State Department. I had little doubt those would provide any keen insight into what went on during the attack and the ensuing Benghazi cover-up. Her statement that she had destroyed all of her emails kept reverberating in my head. I then developed a mental picture of exactly how things would have gone tat day, at the Clinton compound in Chappaqua New York, as Hillary and staff destroyed her emails and any other incriminating information.

This video is a perfect depiction of email destruction day at the Clinton compound in Chappaqua. I hope you find it as funny as I did.

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Video Destroying Hillary Emails At Clinton Estate

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