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Video: Political Expert Michael Barone Predicts Romney 325-223

Syndicated political writer and Washington Examiner Political Bureau Chief, Michael Barone, provides his 2012 election prediction in the video interview with Mike Huckabee. Barone, who is also a syndicated political writer for Real Clear Politics, presented his 2012 election prediction – with a great deal of supporting information – in this video interview. Barone, who is one of the foremost political experts in the country, predicts Mitt Romney will win the 2012 Presidential Election tomorrow. Interestingly, Barone says that he doesn’t see this as a close election, and predicts Romney will come away with 325 electoral votes, to only 223 electoral votes for Obama.

The smartest guys in the room, when it comes to politics, are Michael Barone and Charles Krauthammer, so Barone’s 2012 election prediction carries a great deal of weight with me. My 2012 Election Prediction will be released shortly after lunch today. Here’s a hint, my prognostication is even less close.

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