War With Unions We Visited Ground Zero


Madison Wisconsin. (February 28) The call went out far and wide for massive protests to stand with the unions in Wisconsin. Every liberal, socialist, communist, Marxist, anarchist and left wing group in the country sent – and answered – the call.

I have been watching in rapt fascination as a little known governor from an often overlooked state is honoring campaign promises he made when he was elected in November to balance the budget in Wisconsin.  In fulfilling his promises, a rare and honorable thing among politicians, Wisconsin has become a battle over far more than a state budget.

Two weeks ago Scott Walker became a household name and Madison Wisconsin became the epicenter of the battle which is no longer about Wisconsin’s budget.  It has become the war to end all wars: the  Labor Unions vs. American taxpayers.

The more I watched, read, and studied, the more interested I became.  In the last two weeks, union thugs from national labor unions descended on Wisconsin, muscling in in typical union fashion,while they perch Richard Trumka, chief thug at AFL-CIO in front of the lame stream media every day – at least when he wasn’t busy visiting the White House.  Old guard throwback Jimmy Hoffa gave the typical ‘Workers of the World Unite’ speech in Wisconsin.

On Saturday, a coalition of 45 leftist organizations that always support Democrats and liberal causes, were set to hold protest rallies in all 50 state capitals and a handful of other major cities, including New York and Chicago. But mostly in Madison Wisconsin, which is now ground zero.

I decided I couldn’t learn enough watching 30 second TV snippets which are often staged.  So I decided to attend the biggest of Saturday’s union street protests, in Madison, to make this a learning experience – not just for me – but also for my 15 year old son Cole.

I thought it would be a wonderful learning experience for my son.  Also, not knowing what I was going to find, I wanted an ally with me; one with whom I trust my life.  So Cole and I got on a plane early Saturday morning and flew to Wisconsin. His desire to go with me  on this adventure – to get up after only three hours of sleep to fly to where it was 10 degrees and snowing – to learn and provide support for his father, made me more proud than I can describe.

There is an extensive photo display of our adventure in The War With Unions in Madison Wisconsin available here.

What we found was much different than I expected.  The only way I can describe what we saw were Stepford Protesters; a large crowd with a mob mentality that really had no clue what they were actually protesting.

Cole and I were outnumbered by 20,000 to one, but we delved into the middle of the protest march on the Wisconsin capitol, unafraid and determined to learn more; and learn we did.

Saturday was a very special day; certainly a day I’ll never forget.  Both for the United States of America, for me personally and for my son Cole.  Cole to his credit, asked questions all day long, with a true desire to learn as much as he could about unions, the protests, collective bargaining and the like.  I believe we observed the start of what may well be the end of the stranglehold public labor unions have on local, state and federal governments, and along with it the stranglehold the Democratic Party has on the political process by controlling the public labor unions.

For a complete detailed article, complete with extensive facts, figures and reference materials, question and answer sessions we had with the protestors and the day long discussions I had with Cole, please refer to my extended article The Beginning Of The End For The Unions.

War With Unions We Visited Ground Zero

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